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Xbox vs PlayStation

Xbox vs PlayStation

What is Xbox & PlayStation, and how does it work?

Xbox and Playstation are both devices, both allow you to connect any monitor or TV to it, you can play any graphic game or realistic game with or without the internet.
Where Xbox is made by Microsoft company and PlayStation is made by Japanese Sony company, so now you understand what is Xbox and PlayStation. If you buy this then you get two devices, in this, you see a big device which is a game console, second, you get a controller pad from which you can control your game online, in this game you also get many ports meet.
So that you can connect to your computer, display, and even your home theater and experience the game on Xbox and Playstation, you also get storage in which you can play your game. You can save it in the offline game console and whenever you want without the help of the internet you can go to that game console and play that heavy game. The game CD is also available, you can insert that game disc into this console and play offline without any latency, you can also play multiplayer games on Xbox or PlayStation if you want and the best part is you get Xbox and VR game support is also available on PlayStation. That is, you can also play a game of virtual reality in it. Although you are not given virtual glasses in this, you have to buy virtual glasses separately, only then you can play that game in virtual reality with the help of virtual glasses. But you also have to keep in mind that on Xbox or PlayStation also you have to take a separate subscription, only then you can play any other game, although if you buy another game then you get one or two games for free to play the rest. For the game you have to take a separate subscription, now there are many versions of Xbox and Play Station, first came Xbox 1 then Xbox 360, now Xbox series and X series are also available in India and if we talk about PlayStation then play PlayStation There are 1 then came the PS2, PS3, PS4, and now the PS5. Talking about the price of the Xbox S, it is available on Flipkart for ₹ 21,490 and if we talk about the Xbox X series then it is available for ₹ 49,990. You can book Playstation 5 now, which currently costs ₹49,990 in India. So now you must have understood what is Xbox and PlayStation.


Variant 5 and Xbox series now launch and are out of stock as well as every time PS5 LE gets confused about the Xbox series as both the price is almost the same and Xbox One is available all over the world. they have two variants, variant 5 has no difference in the performance of the variants coming, and ps 5 which is one Digital version. Which costs less than $100. Talking about performance, we can go up to 4k, 120fps variant, 8k supported resolution is also advertised in this but Nvidia performs better than 3090 with 8k and advertises 120 fps variant There is an upper limit which means that not all games will run at most. CPU of both is same but in Xbox series x it is slightly faster, graphic memory is of 16GB it is same in both, 4k gaming requires all SSD, without SSD 4k gaming becomes very difficult, for this Custom SSD comes in both but specifically Xbox Series X, comes with 1 TB SSD and that is variant 5.
It has 825GB SSD and then there is the Xbox series which comes with 512GB SSD so the Xbox series is advertised for 2k gaming i.e. in 1440p also 120 fps version is a unique feature in both Xbox series. Both Xbox series have an expansion slot. It’s an entirely different type of slot that the 1TB Seagate comes with, but the cost of the expansion card isn’t yet known how expensive it could get. But there has been a lot of change in the design of the console and a lot of memes have been made on the variant 5 Xbox series as well. From. But more important than the main console, its controllers The Xbox X1 and PS4 Pro have both updated their controllers slightly, but don’t know when Xbox will make rechargeable controllers. The main thing in Xbox is that they made the d-pad circular before 4 now it is fully circular and the design of ps5 is a bit better, well let me tell you I like the controller Xbox more.
Both controllers are very similar in terms of performance, there might be a slight difference, so whenever most people get version 5 of a console like the Xbox series x, they wonder which games are being offered more??? Version 5 games come more exclusive, it’s everyone’s personal preference if you want to play spider-man or god of war you may not have Xbox but you have to play Forza motors sport hello so definitely Xbox Have to take Series X or S.


You can make a career in gaming and we all know that gaming career is booming inside the world which was not in trend earlier, if you pay attention here then you will know that if you start with youtube on Playstation 4. you can stream any game if you want, the same way if we talk about Xbox then there is no such thing in Xbox so that we can stream in youtube if you have missed any game in Xbox you can play the same game can play on pc also yes because it is available for pc also you will not have to pay any extra cost in this it is a matter of game streaming but if you want to upload the recorded game to youtube So even for that thing PlayStation because you can record games directly inside it, you don’t need to install USB drive or hard-disk, if we talk about Xbox 1x, if you want to record gameplay in it An external drive must be connected and that too must be at least 3.0. Many YouTubers who have Brought the game of GTA-5, you can also through jailbreak on PlayStation and 1x jailbreak on Xbox was never available. Let’s talk about VR support with PlayStation, comes with a separate VR which is officially released by Sony but has no VR support with Xbox 1x or S. So these are some of the points I just mentioned. You get to decide which to buy PlayStation or Xbox.

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