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What is website


The website is a collection of many pages and Every webpage has some information. We can access information from one place to another through the website. Use an application or software to open a website. Ex- Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc.

We can divide the type of website into two parts.

1. Static Website
2. Dynamic Website

1. Static Website –

A static website is one such website In which web pages are stored. Knowledge of any kind of programming is not necessary. You can create a website without it Its code is in HTML.

2. Dynamic Website –

A dynamic Website is a website that keeps changing itself. The Dynamic website uses server-side scripting and client-side scripting for dynamic content generated.

Next, we can divide the website into several parts

Streaming website –

On a streaming website, you can watch and store movies, songs, and news online. There are many examples

Hotstar –

By going to its website or app you can watch online cricket, movies, serials, and web series for free or paid these are much more popular. You can see it whenever you want.
When you watch TV, then a lot of ADs come into it. But Online streaming comes with fewer or no ADs. You can also watch live shows here.

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Mx player –

Mx player has both apps and websites. You can watch the online video here. You can play offline videos in the Mx player app. In the Mx player app or website, you can stream live tv, Web series, music, news, etc. Google also has a free and paid version of it.  Mx player supports a lot of video formats and It supports dual audio movies.

Youtube –

Youtube is a hub for streaming a very large video. Here you can subscribe to other’s channels according to your interest. Her videos don’t put on Youtube but people on Youtube upload their videos. Youtube provides you with free and paid services.

Amazon prime –

You must have heard the name of amazon. These are very big e-commerce websites. Where you can buy and exchange the luggage. You can order any item from amazon at a low price They also sit at home.
Similarly, Amazon has launched a new service Which is called amazon prime. amazon prime video contains a collection of many videos and audio. You can watch online movies. amazon prime provides you with Netflix and Hotstar services. Similarly, you can use amazon prime music to listen to songs and you can also save. You can listen to the song according to your language in it.

Blog Website –

On the blog website, we can write about the field that we are interested in. We can share our knowledge with people. You can create a blogging website on WordPress and blogger

and You can also earn money from this blogging. People share their ideas in this. Blog website keeps content updated but the content of the normal website is not updated.
We can get many types of information through blog websites. Here we get information about many fields. get to know the experience of people.

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Social Website –

On social networking websites, we can share videos, audio, document, and photo. We can do marketing by creating our Facebook page in it. Groups, messages, and videos from people Can connect by calling.

Its advantage is that they connect to the whole world. Here we get the latest news and We can make friends in this. In this way, we can convey information to each other here. There are also disadvantages to social sites.
social site contains a lot of fake news And it contains many negative comments. If you are reading a notification, then we spoil the time.

Personal Presentation Website –

These are Individual websites. If you are a cameraman or fashion designer, then you can make a website of the portfolio. Software developers and many people create their own portfolio websites. You can show your profession on the portfolio website. Such websites have the goal of personal promotion. To have your own branding, it is necessary to have a portfolio website. You can spread information about yourself to people. Which is also called a personal presentation website.

Corporate website –

In this, the company shows its presence, its target audience is the client. Whom this service provides. In this, the company describes its services
Why should you trust this website? Information about how their services will help you. They promote their product. It contains about us and career page, In the career page, tells about the job of the company And they hire Talented People through their website.

Sharing website –

This type of website has content sharing. It will have articles, content, audio, and video, it is both free and paid. You can take images, and videos from here.

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Education website –

Many courses are taught through this website. You are provided online education. Here you are taught new things. There are two types of paid and free courses.  Their goal is to provide you with good online education.

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