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What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science and Robotics Science that basically works on the human intelligence process by the computer system to perform tasks and work on the machines to work like human working.

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere from gaming( Call of duty, Pubg, GTA 5, Fifa)  to big corporations like Apple, Tesla, Google, Amazon, etc. Best examples of artificial intelligence are Robots, Voice assistants like Siri, Google, Alexa, etc, Self-driving cars, and many more things.

In the year 1943, the first research started by Warren McCulloch and Walter Pits proposed a model of artificial neurons. In the year 1955, the first “Artificial Intelligence Program” was named “Logic Theorist” by Allen Newell Herbert A. Simon and their program proved 38 out of 52 theorems.

 After that in 1956, the term “ Artificial Intelligence” was introduced for the first time by John McCarthy at the Dartmouth conference. In 1972 the first intelligent humanoid robot was built in Japan named WABOT-1. 

In the year 1997, IBM Deep Blue beat World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov and became the first computer to beat a  World Chess Champion. In the year 2002 AI entered the home in the form of Roomba, a vacuum cleaner. From the year 2006 big companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix started using AI. 

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How does AI work? And its impact on human life?

AI roks by combining big amounts of data with iterative processes and intelligent algorithms allow the software to learn from the features of the data. In simple terms, there are several software or features programmed according to human intelligence like voice recognition, face recognition, hand gesture, several actions, and many other methods. AI is improving day by day and in the future, we can say probably AI will be everywhere around the world.

Voice assistants like Siri, Google, and Alexa have now changed the scenario of intelligence you can ask to play music it plays, you ask for a call or message anyone they can do, you ask to set a reminder it will set it means you can ask many other and your work will be done by just your voice high has never expected before. There are driverless cars working by Tesla. They gave the definition of AI to the next level. Everything is becoming smart. There are smart homes, smartphones, and smart vehicles. You can just control them by your voice.

But at the same time, AI is improving, the digital era is improving and humans are becoming less productive,  less working, and fully dependent on the technology which affects their life as well. 

What is Machine Learning?

AI is a set of algorithms and intelligence that try to mimic human intelligence. Machine learning is one of them. Machine learning is a branch of AI and computer science that focuses on the use of data to imitate human behavior.

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There are various types of machine learning are-

Supervised Machine learning –

Supervised Machine learning is the type of machine learning which is trained using labeled training data, and on the basis of the data, the machine predetermines results the labeled means the input data is already tagged in the correct output. The aim of the supervised learning algorithm is to find a mapping function to map the input variable with the output variable. Supervised learning is used for risk management, fraud detection, spam filtering, etc.

Unsupervised Machine learning –

Unsupervised Machine learning is the type of machine learning which is trained using unlabelled training data without any supervision and the data models themselves collect hidden information from data. The main aim of unsupervised learning is to find the underlying structure of the dataset.

Reinforcement Machine learning –

Reinforcement Machine learning is the type of machine learning in which an intelligent agent or computer program interacts with the environment and learns to act within it. For example, a Robot learns the movement of legs. The terms used in reinforcement learning are agent, environment, action, reward, etc. 

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Future-oriented jobs with good salaries.
  • It reduced the time for humans to do any work.
  • It delivers results very fast and accurately.
  • Artificial Intelligence-powered agents are available at present.
  • It will be present in the future almost everywhere.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • It is expensive in nature.
  • It requires deep technical expertise to handle it.
  • By that time there are limited workers who can work for AI.
  • It only understands what you showed, so sometimes it may create some issues.
  • It lacks the ability to judge from one task to another.
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