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Weight Loss Tips


Weight Loss Tips

In this physical world “health is the first priority of every human being” because nowadays no one guarantees how much you live and last long?
So many human beings are engaged in their busy lives that they only focus on their studies, jobs, and business. Probably, he has neglected his body and health.
The main reason for this is laziness towards exercise and eating. Many people are basically dependent on junk, fast and unhealthy food.

Which is also spoiling their lifestyle, body shape, and health.

For a while you need to understand this line: – Get up, otherwise, your comfort zone will kill you.

My weight loss experience –

Ok let’s start from zero,

Weight Loss Diet

1. First of all, you have to take a pledge that you will never make a strict timetable, Even if you want, you are not able to follow the diet chart, And after 2-3 days the motivation ends. The main objective is to balance the schedule in a busy and busy life. Like: – Waking up early in the morning, Doing yoga, exercise, and basic workouts. make sure that your food diet plan is not so complicated, only a few things should be removed such as oily, spicy, fast, packed, and instead of old snacks and junk food, always look for a properly balanced diet that will keep you fit and a lean body.

2. It should be seriously noted that diet is comprised of 80% and exercise or workout plays a significant and efficient role in only 20% weight loss and Get the shape you want and then keep in mind that even if you spend so much time in the gym, workout, etc. if your diet is inappropriate and even unhealthy, you will not get the change you want. There are so many myths, misconceptions, and misconceptions in people’s perception of weight loss that they do not want to work. They want to take only one medicine for a month and think that after that they will become thin, but the truth is that no medicine can make you thin, Medications only dehydrate the body and cause hormonal imbalances and many side effects that are clearly not beneficial to the human body.

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3. Everyone should start with a simple exercise which means that you should warm-up before a workout and after that, you should. Cardiovascular exercise from primary and beginner levels. This will not only give you a good start but it will also make you feel calm and calm. After adding and doing it on an objective and regular basis throughout the day.

Tips for diet

Weight Loss

you calculate your BMI and multiply it by 1.3 and it will be your Daily Calories. You can divide this Daily calorie into 5 to 6 Meals. You have to eat every 2 or 3 hours and drink more water. And the diet you take should have a higher protein content and a lower carbohydrate content because more carbohydrates accumulate in the body as Fat because we have to lose weight fast, not to lose muscle, so your protein intake should be high and Use Oily food sparingly you take a Healthy Diet.

Now we have to follow it by creating a diet chart to lose weight and exercise together when you spend money on the diet with your hard work, you will definitely follow the diet so you will become a routine and do not consume smoke and alcohol And can lose weight from 500 grams to 1 kg a week and thus up to 3 months you can lose weight to a good level If you lose weight sooner, then the weight increases so it is necessary to lose weight in the right way if someone has too much weight that loses weight in a week, The reason for this is that the amount of water in the body decreases during following the diet. The body will hold less water because the carbohydrates are reduced. And Weight gain and loss from 500 grams to 1 kg a week is the correct number and an incidence is a perfect number. If you lose 2 to 2.5 kg, something is wrong and you’ll know you’ve lost your Muscle too.

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Weight Loss Diet Plan

3.  In diet, you can eat black gram and moong dal, egg, Peanut Butter, Oats, salads, bananas, Green Tea, only two roti and at the same time you have to increase your exercise, you have to do Weight Training with cardio and do morning cardio and in the evening Weight training will also keep your heart healthy.
You can also do running or jogging in the morning.

Also, a quote always says “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”

Meaning if your body is fully fit and free from diseases then your brain works fluently and frequently. Because it all starts with a positive mindset.

Just focus on your goals and strive for them, because no one can stop you until you stop yourself.
Thank you so much for reading.

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See you all again with a new blog with a new experience, Cheers for the time!

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