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Tricks To Increase Website Speed


Guys if you published your website on the internet then first of all you need to check its speed because its speed is very important for many purposes like monetization, user retention, and overall performance. If your site is slow then visitors get frustrated and move to another website Google notices this activity of visitors and it will rank down your website that’s why you must maintain your website speed. Now the question arises of how to increase website speed, do you want Trick to increase website speed.

Do you want to know :

website speed tips

What is page speed?

page speed means how fast your content loads when somebody visits a page on your website, in a general way page speed represent the loading time of your site.
There are many factors that lead to deciding your page speed, some of the best factors are:
• How many images, videos, and other files are available on your website
• How many plug-ins are used in the website
• Which type of themes are used
• Coding of your website(client-side and server-side)

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Why is speed important?

Guys, speed is very important, Google research also says that when your page speed increases by one-to-three sec the probability of bounce rate increases by 32 percent.
And when your page takes five seconds to load then the bounce rate will increase by 90 percent.

Why is my website slow?

There are can be many reasons that slow down your website, it can be the size of your image, anything from your server, or how many numbers of redirects you have.
What is the good page load time?
Most of the websites are loaded in under 3 sec that’s why you should also maintain your website speed under 3 sec.

How to measure page speed?

If you want to check your website speed, there are many tools available on the internet, some of the best we recommend:
1. GTmatrix
2. Pingdom

website speed optimization

Guys, there are many tricks but we are having top 10 tricks for you that will defiantly increase your website speed, so let’s have a look at our Top 10 Tricks To Increase Website Speed in a detailed way so that you can apply these tricks after reading our blogs:

1. Choose The Right Hosting Option For Your Needs:

If you want to use more images and more videos on your website then you should buy premium web hosting that will satisfy your need and if you are thinking that you want to make a website for blogging then basic plans are enough because blogging websites are very light-waited. So you can decide accordingly.

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2. Use a Good Theme:

If you are using WordPress then select a theme that is simple as well as speed is under 3 sec remember many themes are looking very good but their speed is very slow, so first check the speed of themes before using.

3. Remove Unnecessary Plug-ins:

We need plug-ins to manage our website, don’t install unnecessary themes because they will store on your website and reduces loading speed. That’s why go to your plug-ins and remove unnecessary plug-ins.

4. Reduce Image Size:

your image size must be less than 100kb which will help to increase your loading speed.

5. Minify HTML CSS and [removed]

if you coded your website then put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom it will increase your website speed.

6. Install Google Page Speed:

Google page speed work on the server-side, you can ask your hosting provider to enable the Google Page Speed module on the server.

7. Enable Browser Caching:

Guys, when you enable browser caching it will help the returning visitors to load faster your website because the first time it will download all necessary assets like images, CSS, and javascript files. You can use the w3 total cache plug-in for performance in WordPress.

8. Use a CDN :

Content Delivery Network will also help you to speed up your website because it uses a nearby server to serve the client request. Let’s see one example: if the request comes from India the nearby server will serve the user, and if the request comes from another country like the USA it will use a server nearby USA, using this CDN your website speed will increase.

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9. Update CMS Regularly :

If you are using CMS(Content Management System) Like Wix, WordPress, or Google Site you should update regularly because they are continuously working to improve their services that are directly beneficial for you so keep updating your CMS.

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So, Guys, This article will definitely help you to get some knowledge about Tricks To Increase Website Speed. If you have any confusion about this article or have other problems you can simply write in the comment box. Thank you.

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