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Top 6 Food For Healthy Gums And Teeth

Top 6 Food For Healthy Gums And Teeth

Friends, in today’s era, it is very important to keep teeth and gums healthy and take care of them regularly. To keep the teeth healthy, brushing should be done twice a day regularly. We must brush before sleeping at night. It has also been found in research that by brushing before sleeping, the teeth do not get insects and the gums also remain healthy. Apart from this, you should include some things in your diet so that the teeth become strong and the gums also remain healthy.

Eating outside is common in today’s lifestyle, people like to eat junk food, and it is very important to take care of their teeth. For this, you eat salad kept at home like cucumber, carrot, apple, etc. by chewing it, it will strengthen your teeth and there will be no problem like cavity in your teeth. You should not eat sweets at all before sleeping at night because eating sweets causes problems in the teeth and also in the gums.

To make teeth, and gums healthy and strong, you should include fiber-rich food in your diet. According to the American Dental Association, fiber-rich foods make saliva in the mouth. Due to the proper production of saliva in the mouth, not only does digestion remain correct, but there is no cavity in the teeth and gums. Therefore, include fiber-rich foods in your diet to strengthen teeth and gums.

Top 6 food for healthy gums and teeth

If there is a problem with the gums, then this method should be tried –

1. Brushing with light hands –

Always remember that while brushing does not put too much pressure on the gums, it can cause problems for you. Use your light brush so that the gums do not get cut or peeled. Move the brush around the inside of the mouth with light hands, this will keep both gums and teeth healthy.

2. Massage the gums with light hands –

Along with brushing, it is also necessary to massage the gums. You can use ghee or eucalyptus oil for massage.

3. Mouth exercise –

Press your top and bottom teeth together and do it at least 30 to 40 times. By doing this the blood flow will increase and the gums will come alive.

4. Reduce the intake of sweets-

If you consume sweets a lot, then leave this habit today because sweet sticks in the teeth and causes rot. Gum problem also increases by eating sweets.

Top 6 food for healthy gums and teeth

Healthy diet for good teeth and gums

1. Cheese –

In today’s era, people eat cheese in junk food. Cheese is such a dairy product that is very beneficial for the teeth. Eating cheese strengthens the teeth. Due to the presence of calcium in cheese, it strengthens the bones as well as the teeth. According to experts, a glass of milk is equal to 20 grams of cheese. The cheese acts as a protective shield in the teeth so that the teeth remain healthy for a long time.

2. Green vegetables –

Green vegetables like cabbage, chard, cucumber and caroled greens are very beneficial for the teeth. Eating green vegetables also keep the gums healthy and the protein found in them strengthens the teeth. Along with teeth, green vegetables have more benefits for our body, so every person should consume them. Elements like vitamin c, k, fiber, carotenoids, iron, and calcium are found in green vegetables, which are beneficial for the body along with the teeth.

3. Fruits –

Fruits like apples, watermelon, and oranges are considered very beneficial for teeth and gums. The reason behind this is that the elements found in it are useful in cleaning the teeth. By eating all these fruits, the teeth get cleaned well. Even an apple is considered to be the toothbrush of nature. Eating one apple every day does not cause problems with the teeth. The smell coming from the mouth also goes away by eating fruits.

4. Milk and curd –

By consuming milk, the bone of the lower jaw of our body is strengthened, due to which the teeth do not fall. Milk makes an important contribution to strengthening the teeth. Milk is also responsible for strengthening the tooth enamel. Due to the bacteria found in the curd, there is no cavity in our gums, due to which the gums remain healthy. The protein and calcium found in curd strengthen the teeth, due to which our teeth remain healthy.

5. Fish –

Phosphorus found in fish is a substance that protects tooth enamel. Fish also contributes to maintaining the strength of the teeth. The protein found in it is very beneficial for the strength of the teeth. Omega-3s and vitamin D are found in fish like tuna, and salmon, which protect against worms that develop in the gums.

6. Lemon –

Vitamin C is found in abundance in lemon, Vitamin C makes our gums strong and there is good circulation of blood in the gums. The burning of teeth also reduces, so lemon should be used in your food.

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