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Top 5 Best Programming Languages For Beginners

Top 5 Best Programming Languages For Beginners

C / C ++ –

Before learning any programming language one should learn C / C ++. In C language we understand basic concepts that help in learning other programming languages. First, you learn the C language After this learn C ++, after learning it, you can easily learn other languages ​​like Java, Python, PHP, and many modern languages. C / C ++ programming languages ​​are not outdated, they are still in use today. The language of the modern era is made up of or influenced by C / C ++. Executions in C / C ++ are fast, so the C / C ++ language is still used to create many software today. C / C ++ modern era The key runs faster than Java C #, Python. This is because C / C ++ is a programming language, while java, C #, and python are interpreted as programming languages. Memory management tasks Java is automated in Python while a C / C ++ programmer can manage memory according to his own. The concept of the pointer is well understood in C / C ++. C / C ++ is a very good language for competitive programming. This language is required for placement. C / C ++ is a very close language of hardware, even today operating systems C / C ++ are made. It supports the features of the operating system well. If you are a beginner then you should learn C / C ++. C ++ is still more popular today for making game development, desktop applications, and operating systems.

Java –


java language is used for web development and app development. This platform is independent, you can run it in any operating language is also necessary for job placement. java is being used everywhere on smartphones, embedded systems, server-side, and client-side. java is a secure language in which applications with money transactions are run. It is a simple and pure object-oriented programming language. java language is also used for multitasking like you can do typing in MS office while listening to a song. We also use java language to create a website because java is a server-side language. The coding of the website’s backend is done in java and the coding of the frontend is done in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. java is also used for android development. The framework of java is very popular in industries such as Spring, Hibernate, JSF, etc. If we talk about its deficiency, java is a bit slow.

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Python –


In Python, you can create websites, desktop applications, and mobile applications, but Python is not very popular for mobile applications. You can build applications on artificial intelligence and the internet of things using python. Mozilla Firefox, YouTube, Quora, and Instagram are created by Python. There are many languages ​​in which there are three or four ways of working but Python is a language that has only one method. Python’s syntax is very easy. School children can also understand this easily. python is a case-sensitive language. Compared to C / C ++, java, python is a very easy language you can learn easily. Python’s code can be easily understood. Like Java, memory management can easily be done in Python but This does not happen in C / C ++. In the first python, Many libraries have been built with this so that you can do web or app development quickly. In this way, Python is used for data science, IoT, web applications, artificial intelligence, and app development. Python increases job opportunities.

JavaScript –

 JavaScript runs on the client-side. To learn JavaScript, you must have knowledge of HTML and CSS. used to create mobile apps, web applications, and web games by JavaScript. JavaScript is used in the front end and backend. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are necessary to create a website. HTML is a structure in a website and CSS for design, JavaScript is used to build logic, using these three you can create a website. JavaScript can be run browse-side and server-side. this way JavaScript is a very popular language. JavaScript Jquery and Node Js work with many similar frameworks. You can use a browser or notepad, visual studio, or such editor to write JavaScript programming.

Kotlin –


Kotlin programming language is used for a web frontend, android app, and server-side development. If you have learned the java language then you can learn the Kotlin language easily. Some of the Java language deficiencies in the Kotlin language have been overcome. To develop software in java, we write 10-line code, the same is done in 5-line code in Kotlin. Kotlin’s community support compared to java are less. In the future, app development will be in Kotlin itself, So it would be better to work in Kotlin. The coding in java was a bit complex, which has been made easy in Kotlin.

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