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TOP 10 Places to visit in UAE in a budget of AED 1000 or less

TOP 10 Places to visit in UAE in a budget of AED 1000 or less

UAE trips have been quite popular these days. More and more people are getting attracted to their culture, lifestyle, and tourist attractions. Out of all the countries in UAE, DUBAI has been keeping it in the top spot for a few years. Traveling to Dubai has been quite an exciting thing. You might be thinking that the trip is gonna cost you the savings of your lifetime. But what if I tell you,  it is completely under your budget? Yes, it is not as expensive as you might think. We all know what Dubai is famous for. But there are several other attractions also. Dubai also harbors the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Now I will tell you what places you can visit when you get there.


The most famous attraction and landmark of Dubai. Burj Khalifa is the tallest standing skyscraper in the world with a whopping height of 828m. It was constructed to increase the oil-based economy and also to let Dubai gain worldwide recognition. The structure holds more than 160 floors. You can get a bird’s eye view of the entire city of Dubai, which is surely a lifetime experience. It harbors many residences, hotels, offices, and also an observatory.


This is the perfect place for people who love to enjoy the sun. The beach is lined by various hotels. You can also enjoy the breathtaking sunset views from the beach or from the hotels near them. It is an ideal place if you visit with your family and friends.

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It is the perfect stop for all pet lovers. You can experience a sea view indoors without actually having to dive into the sea. It is home to over 150 species of creatures including jellyfish, sea horses, sharks, penguins, piranhas, crabs, and many other aquatic organisms.


: It is a flower garden located in the district of Dubailand, Dubai. It is also the largest floral garden in the world. You will get the most unique, exquisite, and picturesque display of flowers here. Different species of flowers are recreated in a unique way to give you a memorable experience. This flower garden also houses an indoor butterfly garden that has over 26 species of butterflies with a total number being over 15,000.


Global village in Dubai is an amusement park that combines the cultures of 90 countries. It houses several places and activities meant for tourism leisure and shopping. It is also one of the best places for food lovers. You will get a wide range of events, shows, cultures, dining places, shopping places, and entertainment centers. All these exceptional services are available from November to April.


The waterpark provides a whole world of fun and excitement if you enjoy playing in the water. The park houses about 30 slides and attractions that can get your heartbeat racing within seconds. Animal lovers can see dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and stingrays. It is the best place for all thrill seekers. You can also enjoy your time on the private beach.

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It is located inside the Dubai Mall. It is an indoor ski slope with a chair lift and a t-bar. Do you want a good push down the slope? You can try different ramps and tricks and various freestyle moves. You can also have intimate contact with the snow penguins. These penguins are also seen marching several times a day.


It is the natural waterway in Dubai that extends about 9 miles. It cuts through the city and separates it from Deira to the north and Bur Dubai to the south. It also forms a port that is used for trade and transport. The creek originates from the Persian Gulf and marks its end at Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourists can take a boat and roam through the picturesque views of the city.


It is a choreographed fountain located on Burj Khalifa Lake. It is illuminated by about 6,600 lights and 50 projectors. The water gets shot up to over 150m in the air accompanied by a variety of classical to contemporary music with a range of different colored light effects. You can enjoy water dance performances here as per their timing.


The mall is built keeping in mind the authenticity of the Arabic culture. The mall gives a good view of the traditional Arabic designs that will make you instantly fall in love with the place. It has several shops for shopping and restaurants to dine at. The mall also contains other activities like a light exhibition, cinema theatre, courts, and a hypermarket.

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