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Top 10 Lower Body Workouts

Top 10 Lower Body Workouts

As you all know that the lower part of our body i.e. from waist to feet is half of our whole body. Therefore, you cannot ignore the very important exercise for the feet. You need to exercise your lower body consistently. It is important to keep the shape of your entire body right.
Quad muscles – the front part of the foot above the knee.
Hip muscles – the part below the waist.
Calf muscles – the back of the leg from the knee down to the other muscles.

1. Back Barbell Squat –

Back Barbell Squat

The back barbell squat is a great workout. Before doing this, you must do a warm-up, if you do not warm up then you increase the chances of injury because all the muscles of the whole body are used in it.
Which works on your quad muscles, hamstrings, glute, and lower back muscles. Keeping the barbell rod on your shoulder, you have to come up to the level of your knee and then come up. You have to come down to 90° but not go above it, otherwise, there will be no point in doing squats. You can do 4 to 5 reps. When you do squats, our shoulder is also used, so the shoulder should be well warmed up so that the shoulder does not hurt. If you want to squat for a long time, then it is very important for you to warm up.

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3 SETS OF 13-12-10 REPS

2. Romanian Deadlift –

Romanian Deadlift

It works on your hamstrings and glute muscles. You can do this with the help of barbell rods and dumbbells. Before doing this exercise, do a good warm-up so that you can avoid getting injured.
In this, you have to lift the weight above the ground by bending the waist. Your knees should not go past your toes. The barbell should be close to your shin and not too far from the shin of your feet as doing so can cause back injury. When lifting the barbell, don’t use the back, use the legs. While doing this exercise, your shoulder and elbow should not be bent so that you can avoid biceps injury. Never throw the barbell down with it, otherwise, you may get hurt. Breathe in while lifting the barbell, maintain the strength of the core muscles, and Exhale while keeping the barbell down.

3 SETS OF 12-10-8 REPS


3. Goblet Squat –

Goblet Squat

In this exercise your range of motion increases. You have to do squats with a dumbbell in your hand. While lifting the dumbbell your elbow should not be out and your elbow should be inside the knee. Your back should be straight while doing this exercise.

3 SETS OF 13-12-10 REPS

4. Lunges –


This is also a great workout. It works on your quad muscles, hamstrings, and glute muscles. In this, you have to bend one leg and rise back up. While doing the lunges exercise, your knees should not be outside the toes and should be in line with the toes. Therefore your knees should be straight so that there is no pain in the knee.
While doing lunges, the knee should not move to the right or left, only straighten. You can do lunges with a barbell or dumbbell.

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3 SETS OF 13-12-10 REPS

5. Good Morning Exercise –

Good Morning Exercise

It works on your lower back and glutes muscles. In this, you have to rise back by bending only the upper part by placing the barbell rod on your shoulder. In this exercise, you use lightweight.

3 SETS OF 13-12-10 REPS

6. Hanging Leg Raises Up –

Hanging Leg Raises

This exercise works on the muscles of your lower abdomen. In this, you have to raise both your legs by hanging on the bar. This exercise increases the strength of your core. With the speed with which you lift your legs, you have to bring your feet down. Your elbows should be slightly bent while doing this exercise. Your body should be completely still. You do not need to swing back and forth while doing this exercise. By doing this your abs will not be trained.

3 SETS OF 13-12-10 REPS

7. Calf Raises –

This exercise works on your calf muscles. The calf means the back part of the lower leg, which is also known by some people as the shin. In this exercise, you have to stand on your heels and move your body up and down. You can do this exercise with a machine or dumbbell. While doing this exercise, the body should be stable and your knees should be slightly bent and your paws should be stable.

3 SETS OF 13-12-10 REPS

8. Glute Bridge –


This exercise works on the glute muscles and is a good exercise to increase the balance of your lower body. In this, you have to lie on the ground and bend your knees and raise your hips. In this, you have to keep moving the hip up and down. You have to move the hip upwards. You can do this for a few seconds. This is good exercise for your abs.

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4 SETS OF 15-13-12-10 REPS

9. Jumping Jacks –

Jumping Jacks

This is an easy and effective exercise for your lower body. It works on almost all your muscles. All you have to do is jump slowly. Anyone can do this anywhere.

4 SETS OF 15-13-12-10 REPS

10. Running –


Running or Jogging. This is one of the best exercises for the lower body. This is a good exercise to increase your lower body strength as well as reduce your fat. You can also do this on a treadmill machine. Running reduces your increased fat and it increases your strength.
You have to run 3 or 4 days a week. You should not run on the road every day because doing so can cause problems with your knees. Don’t run too fast.

I hope that all of you will do the exercise I have mentioned and you will also get the benefit of it.

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