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Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Meditation

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Meditation

Meditation is a resource that has the ability to completely transform a human being. Yoga is becoming very famous all over the world, but abroad yoga is known only as asanas and the essence of yoga is only a physical circus.
But in India where Yoga was born and even today the complete science of Yoga exists; Here yoga is not considered only as a physical asana. There are actually eight main limbs of yoga, which are called Ashtanga Yoga. One of which is asana and one is meditation.
In fact, the main purpose of the whole yoga is considered to be meditation, being in deep meditation (sadhana) is to keep the body fixed in one place for a long period of time, so there are other parts of yoga that enable us to do this. Directions, for example, asanas and hatha yoga, enable our body to sit still in the posture so that we can sit for long periods of time with the spine bent and remain engrossed in meditation.

Total yoga is a process that cannot be done and should not be attempted without a guru or a good instructor. Due to wrongdoing yoga, its side effects have also been seen in some people. By doing this, most people neither do any harm nor benefit, but some people may also suffer. Therefore, learn yoga, especially physical asanas, only in the presence of a good instructor.
The goal of total yoga is considered to be meditation. whose aim is liberation. Liberation means being free from the limitations of the material world.
Morning is the best time for yoga and meditation.

While doing yoga or meditation, we should keep some things in mind.
1.) Do yoga or meditation on an empty stomach. It will be good even if the stomach is only a little full.
2.) Before doing yoga or meditation, one should defecate properly.
3.) Bathing before doing yoga or meditation is more beneficial.
4.) One should not stop in the middle of yoga, especially during meditation, to ensure that no one interferes.

The benefits of meditation can be thousands, but still, let us highlight some of their major known benefits.

(1.) Consciousness comes –

This is a benefit that everyone needs. Through this, we can live our lives with awareness. This brings clarity to our thoughts and feelings. This is necessary because most people have this problem, which they cannot get rid of for their whole life. Being upset, angry, and having no control over feelings and thoughts, all these are symptoms that people are not able to live consciously. Today in this 1 century we have made so much progress and our generation has so many facilities as no other generation ever had, but today people’s mental health seems to be worse than before. It is clear from this that inner happiness cannot be found by facilities and money, it is possible only through meditation.
When we become more aware, the important decisions we make are more effective and reliable. Every task of our daily life is possible due to the operation of our brain. Therefore, we must first rectify the evils of our mind and mind. When we think and act with awareness, then doing work will be the best.

(2.) Health benefits –

It has been proved from many types of research that due to our mental state, thoughts, and feelings, different types of chemicals are produced in our bodies. If we create positive thoughts and feelings, then such chemicals are released in our body which has many benefits for the body; One of which is to increase immunity. It has also been proved that by creating negative emotions or thoughts, harmful chemicals start forming in our body which causes harm on many levels; One of which is immunity splitting in half which is considered weak in itself.
By doing meditation, there is a lot of improvement in all these thoughts and emotional levels, as well as positivity increases in the mind, which also has a positive effect on the body.
Apart from this, blood pressure also remains low or balanced. Since stress and negative thoughts and feelings have a direct effect on blood pressure, this is also an important benefit.

(3.) Reducing stress –

Today humans have made so much progress in the field of science and technology that no one would have imagined till a century ago, but still, the tension has not decreased instead, it has increased. It is surprising that our life has become easy due to facilities, but today man is troubled by his own mind. Even today things like stress and mental balance are huge. To solve this, many types of shortcuts are given, such as – keeping yourself busy, going for a walk, eating something, getting drunk, etc. But all this is like a trick. These are not permanent solutions, after some time the tension comes back with the same intensity.
There is only one permanent solution, meditation. Due to this, the stress is greatly reduced and the capacity of the human brain also increases.

(4.) Increasing concentration –

It happens in such a way that when our overthinking stops or reduces a lot, then our attention does not wander to the other side. Meditation is a continuous process like a practice. So its true effect can be felt over time. It may take different times for different people. But it is 100 Percent effective.

(5.) Stop thinking too much –

This is one of the great benefits that one can get from meditating. We have the best brain in human form yet we don’t know how to control our thoughts and feelings. It is only through meditation that we can get rid of excessive and useless thinking. Overthinking leads to other types of mental problems, such as – the most common problem is getting upset thinking about the past or the future. The permanent solution to this is meditation.

(6.) Prevent memory loss with age –

Some research has shown that meditation improves memory. And with this, the problem of memory loss can also be overcome over time. Weak memory that occurs with age can be overcome.

(7.) Generate kindness –

Kindness and generosity are beautiful qualities of man. It is very important for mankind. One of the prime needs of humanity is kindness. Generosity towards poor people, other animals, etc. is very important. At the same time, the mind is already calm, satisfied, and happy. Unless kindness is established, the world’s major social and environmental problems will remain. Therefore, it is very important to have mental stability and sweet feelings to solve any kind of problem. All this is possible with care. If all the people of the world and especially the leaders and responsible people whose decisions affect all the people and the world, if they all become kind and established in yoga, then all the problems of the world can be solved.

(8.) Help in getting rid of Addiction –

Addiction is a very serious and big problem in today’s time. People fall into many types of bad addictions such as tobacco, alcohol, consuming substances made from high sugar, etc. The main reason for this is that people want to please themselves in some way. In pursuit of happiness, they are ready to do anything, but thus they fall into such habits, which they cannot give up later even if they want to. It is a different issue how harmful they are, but addiction is the major problem. Everyone needs to understand that happiness is born from the inside and not from outside things. That’s why they want to get rid of the things they get addicted to because even the happiness derived from it is not permanent.
When we start meditating then there is clarity in our mind, thoughts, and feelings and there is awareness in whatever we think of doing. This reduces the mental compulsion of addiction and helps in getting rid of addiction.

(9.) Emotional clarity –

Having emotion is the most beautiful quality of a human being. Emotions are also of many types. The first emotions that give us pleasure or experience pleasure. Other emotions that bother us or make us sad or angry etc. The balance of other types of feelings is necessary for all the person and the people around him. But at the same time, the first type of feelings also need to be balanced to some extent.
Meditation is a process by which emotions remain balanced. Feelings become sweeter in us. Also, avoid overreacting if sad feelings come. As anger comes down or stops completely. But when we need to behave harshly, we can do so consciously.

(10.) Get rid of insomnia –

Generally, the problem of insomnia occurs when someone either thinks too much vainly which means he has the problem of overthinking; Or he gets used to staying up late at night. For both these reasons, the solution can be found through meditation. Even if there is a problem of overthinking and even if there is a habit of staying awake for a long time. It was a different situation if the person had any physical pain or was ill. But 99% of people have the problem of insomnia due to the above two reasons. Meditation can be a permanent and best solution for a person troubled by insomnia.


Summary –

Meditation is something that can have innumerable benefits. Which cannot be expressed in words. This is the most important part of yoga. But it is best to learn any part of yoga from a knowledgeable instructor. If the instructor is a true yogi, it would be best. Because yoga is a very subtle science. Small mistakes make a difference in the effect. Therefore, the best option is to learn through a yogi. The word meditation is a small word but it can also take years to establish. Yogis experience many different dimensions of life through this. Meditation and yoga are the greatest achievements discovered and experienced by mankind. The above ten benefits are only benefits. Meditation can make you experience much more than this.

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