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Sattvic alkaline diet and its benefits

Sattvic alkaline diet and its benefits

In this rapidly growing and fast-moving world, people take care of their finances, relationships their outer appearance more than their health. They don’t even understand that health is the base of everything. if they have optimum health then only they can enjoy their money and relations. Health should be a person’s priority. The new trend and fast food culture have created the most havoc than ever before but this packaged and processed food is toxic and even carcinogenic. Now, people are suffering more from ulcers, high blood pressure, obesity, and acid reflux due to acidic and toxic processed foods and beverages. the only solution to this is we have to embrace our ancestors and follow their teachings like Ayurveda and other traditional knowledge. switching to a sattvic diet is one of the best decisions ever.

What is a sattvic diet?

A diet that contains food that is healthy and follows the principle of sattva. These food are light and increase vigor in the body. The diet emphasizes food that comes straight from mother nature and not any product which has been synthesized in a factory. The diet abstains from any hyper-stimulating food such as onion, garlic, coffee, etc. it also follows the principle of non-violence that no animal can be killed to satisfy our hunger. people following this diet are vegetarian and mainly rely on plant-based sources like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lentils and all foods must be wholesome instead of cold drinks use coconut water, and instead of fried evening snacks use coconut.

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Benefits of a satvic diet

1. Increases zest for living

you will feel more energized and joyful after following this diet. you no longer feel lethargic and sleepy all the time as you are in harmony with mother nature then mother nature will take care of the rest itself.

2. Heal the body

if you have already consumed lots of toxic food and destroyed your physiology then, you can heal your body by following this diet. first, detoxify your body and then add a satvic routine to your life and experience the magic of it.

3.  Environment friendly

As diet follows the rule of vegetarianism which leads to less meat production and less water consumption compared to non-vegetarian food.

4. Eliminates and protects from diseases

The diet helps prevent many lethal diseases like high Blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, and some extent to auto-immune disorders.

5. Improves mental focus

we are what we consume and as the diet has sattva gunas. it makes the mind calm, focused, and more peaceful.

6. Helps to lose body weight if you are suffering from being overweight then this diet proves to be highly beneficial for you. The diet makes you abstain from all deep-fried processed food which eventually leads to optimum body weight or any extreme workout.

Limitations  of a satvic diet

Along with all the benefits, the satvic diet is also not an ideal one. It also has some limitations

1. people following a satvic diet often get abstained from many tasteful and nutritious food like onion, garlic, fish, egg, meat, coffee, wine, mushrooms, etc

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2. It lacks certain nutrients like vitamin B12 and to overcome it people may have to take dietary supplements.

3. people also complain about lack of variability in the types of satvic dishes and due to their extreme rules it is somehow difficult for many people to follow this diet

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