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Precautions to be taken while taking Self-medication

Precautions to be taken while taking Self-medication

Health is the biggest wealth for us. If our health is good then our mind is also good, so we all try to keep our health good. But sometimes we get cold, cough, fever or if we are affected by any allergy, then we either use some medicines by ourselves or take medicines on the advice of someone who does not have any kind of knowledge about medicines. We are a pharmacist or even without the advice of a doctor, we use medicines on our own, but have you ever thought that to what extent it is right to consume medicines by yourself. Sometimes due to self-medication, we are also in big problems that may fall.


Self-medication is the use of medicines by any person or any person in his family for the treatment of any kind of abnormal symptoms in the body on his own understanding.
In this, the person uses that medicine, whether it is in the form of a tablet, whether in the form of syrup or whether it is in the form of injection, but he has to know about the medicine used by him.
does not occur completely. Therefore, before using medicines by yourself, some things should be kept in mind.

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1. Dosage of medicine

As we all know that the quantity or standard of every medicine is fixed. Meaning that we are taking the medicine in any form such as capsule, tablet, suspension, emulsion, or injection, each has its own dosage.
or prescribed dosage. If a person is young, then the amount of medicine will be different for him, if he is a child then it will be something else and if he is old then it will be something else. And even if we do not know the quantity, we still
If we are taking medicines with our minds, then it can prove fatal for us. Therefore, it is very important to have complete knowledge of the quantity of the medicine before ever taking the medicine by yourself.

2. Right time to take medicine

We take medicines only when we do not feel well or when we see any symptoms in the body. If we have an emergency, we can take medicines as needed at any time.
can consume. But there is also a right time to use medicines, at which time the medicines show their right effect. Therefore, take medicines only at the appropriate time.

3. Lunch Time

There are many medicines which we take before food and many medicines which we take after eating. For example, we take gas medicine on an empty stomach, similarly many antibiotics.
Are eaten after a meal. Food also affects the effectiveness of the medicines we take. Therefore, it is very important to have this information whether the medicine is to be taken on an empty stomach or after a meal.

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4. Expiry date of the medicine

The expiry date of the medicines should be taken after examining them carefully. Because after the expiry of the expiry date, the effect of the medicines decreases, and maybe instead of showing the effect.
Do us any harm. Sometimes it also becomes the cause of allergic reactions for us. Therefore, before consuming or buying any medicine, definitely check the expiry date.

5. Person already suffering from any disease

Many times a person is suffering from some kind or many types of diseases. Such people should avoid taking medicines by themselves if they do not know anything about medicines. Because
Without knowing the effects, side effects of medicines, taking medicines can prove to be fatal for you. Therefore, people already suffering from any disease should take medicines only on the advice of a doctor or pharmacist.
Do not use any kind of medicine by yourself.

6. Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should not take any medicine on their own without the advice of a doctor, because it can prove to be very harmful not only for pregnant women but also for the baby in their womb.
Therefore, whenever you see any kind of problem or symptoms in pregnancy, do not use medicines on your own and consult a specialist.

7. Allergy to medicines

Sometimes our half-knowledge can prove to be harmful to us. Many times people get rashes or rashes on the body due to the consumption of many medicines. Sometimes they themselves do not know why
Happening. Therefore, after consuming medicines, you must also test the effect of medicines yourself, so that if this is happening due to medicines, then you should avoid both their use and effect.

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8. Drug dependency

Many times we become addicted to it by taking medicines on our own. Like many times a person has a slight headache, then he eats pain medicine, and is unable to bear even mild pain. Later on, this habit
And then even after a slight headache, he uses the medicine and is unable to live without it and becomes completely dependent on the medicine. Therefore, take medicines only when necessary.

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