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Power of Words

Power Of Words

What we think happens. Every moment we create our reality through our thoughts. Our mind expresses and affects our body more than our imagination. Thoughts are the units of our minds. And also the basis of our work. Words are really dense forms of thoughts, they have unlimited power, especially when they are spoken with full concentration.

Words spoken with the power of emotions can affect us all day. Even the slightest thought of fatigue is enough to dissipate all our energy. I am tired This thought comes to mind and increases this fatigue even more. The opposite can also happen. If you are feeling tired, suddenly you get a call from a special friend, then your tiredness will run away and you will feel refreshed. If you see your maid doing some damage then you lose your temper, after that, you will suddenly start feeling tired.

Now, let us look at the list of suggestions that we keep on giving to our minds the commonality: –

I can not do this.
I am unfortunate
This is not my business.
I am always wrong.
Now I am old.

Feelings like I cannot have the power to exert destructive effects in themselves. Our mind accepts such thoughts and most of our thoughts are negative. Our mind takes in such a world and sees those things which we cannot do, and the mind starts accepting it and putting it into the behavior.

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Most of us have similar thoughts, imagine them in the same way as negative images, and live the same life with similar health. According to the universally accepted law of attraction, the same thing attracts each other. Those who are always surrounded by clouds of despair, their lives are also filled with such unwanted experiences, on the contrary, there are opportunities and achievements in the life of a positive thinking person. It is said that thoughts that come to mind for 15 to 20 seconds attract energy similar to theirs.

Choose your thoughts and words

Most of us do not know how to change our way of thinking or do not believe that it can be done. We can change our minds thoughts and pictures as quickly and easily as we can easily watch videos on mobile.
New thoughts can change our life and by examining our thoughts well, we can experience that power in our life.
Our words, thoughts, and actions can also make a mess and also apply ointments. It is up to us to decide whether we want to remain restless or to experience peace by doing the right thing. These decisions are also taken in the form of words in our minds and words can change our lives by becoming thoughts here. What we talk to ourselves is very important. By changing our thoughts and words, we can change our life.

Words were given to themselves by words also hold importance –

The word was given to ourselves that we want to see in ourselves. When these words are spoken with full concentration, they reach our minds in the same way and can change us to an extent over which we have no control. These thirteen words bring changes in our lives. If you tell yourself that I am getting better and better every day. By speaking in this way we receive positive energy

Suggestion Required Circumstances

The suggestion should be to bring change in oneself and not to change the other person.
We should always think of positive ways to overcome our inefficiency.
Can not, cannot, should not be part of such words.
We should have thoughts that bring confidence in ourselves, moving away from the negative and hatred. Promise yourself with full faith and do not worry about the result.
The way to turn a suggestion into the right one is to repeat that suggestion over and over again.

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Sense of dedication

When we try only at our level to change ourselves, we limit the power of effort towards staying healthy and moving forward. When we combine these efforts with the sacred power that is present everywhere, in this way our paths
Reduces incoming interruptions.

Friends, share this post with all of you so that everyone can use this power to change their life. Let’s meet with the next new post.

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