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Power of Pranayama


When we remove every particle of air from the body during respiration, we will get life energy. The person who practices Pranayama regularly has a strong digestive system, he is happy, strong in strength, endurance, courage, good health full of transcendentalism, full of zeal for life, and good mental ability.

Getting more on the disease –

Mental and physical illnesses have a deep connection with the mind and mood, and science has also considered it. With the regular practice of pranayama, one can achieve physical health, a calm and stable mental state, and a sharp body.

When we do pranayama, the prana means that the life force flows through our breath into the body. It helps in the internal and external work of the body by converting it into various forms of energy inside the body. Breath helps to flush out unwanted substances. Is it an important part of the process of life and does pranayama helps us in doing this work? Pranayama also provides relief from many mental and physical toxic elements.

Blood flow, heart, lungs, brain, tissue, and other organs are filled with life energy with the technique of pranayama. Research suggests that the practice of pranayama helps in many ways in the body’s work. Pranayama increases lung pain, makes it better to provide breath transfer, increases the efficiency of heart function, and increases blood flow in the body.

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Body and mind are connected to each other through the life system of energy

which runs through the flow of breath. So life, energy, and breath are connected to each other in such a way that they cannot be separated. The practice that helps us to know this system is called Pranayama.

The science of Pranayama exists for us in the form of information and practice in handwritten books from many generations. Pranayama is actually the heart of yoga, the most important part because this technique has been tested many times and has been successful for many years. Practice takes place. Pranayama is not just the practice of breath as is commonly understood.

It also shows the energy that is the source of the energy of the whole world, which enters into us through the process of breathing and our animal animals pay.

Nature’s law of survival is actually the law of rhythm

Rhythm creates the world. All of the planets revolve around the sun until the atom rotates in the cells. Our body also works according to the natural rhythm, which is called the biological cycle, such as the sleep-wake cycle, the menstrual cycle, and other hormonal and similar functions.
The word pranayama is made up of two words. Life and Dimensions. These are known as breath and control means to control and amplitude in the movement of breath means efforts are being made to control the life.
By practicing breath and pranayama we can gain complete control over body and mind. Breath taken under full control of our willpower acts as a life-giving and regenerative energy tax. This is useful in our own development, for the treatment of diseases, and for control of our personality and the surrounding environment, it is happening with us almost every moment, so it should be used judiciously.

    The regular practice of pranayama is like depositing money in a bank

The benefits of which can be seen as good health, energy, and enthusiasm for life, long after we finish our practice.
Oxygen burns the amount of excess fat in the body and it acts to increase weight in the body of a person who is underweight. In other words, the oxygen taken inside beats the body till it reaches its ideal state of weight. The increase in the amount of oxygen in the body increases the efficiency of the heart and our body starts functioning properly.
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