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PHP vs Python


Python is a high-level and object-oriented programming language and Its library support are used for developing programs and scripting algorithms for various domains.


Hypertext Preprocessor was invented in the year 1995 also known as PHP, PHP is a widely-used, open source-server side scripting language.
PHP scripts are executed on the server. You can use PHP for free. No need to pay any price.

Ease Of Use:-

Python can be used for a console app, desktop application, web app, mobile app, machine learning, and IoT applications.
Its syntax is simple and the code is more readable in Python compared to PHP. popular apps developed in python – YouTube, Mozilla Firefox, Google, Dropbox, Quora, Instagram.
Html, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code are necessary for PHP files. Its extension “.PHP”
Popular PHP websites are – Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress, Tumblr, MailChimp, Flickr, and Digg.

Difference between Python and PHP

Python PHP
1. Learning purpose Python syntax is very easy. You can learn it more quickly than PHP Getting started with PHP is easy and it can be learned easily.
2. Frameworks The number of Python frameworks is less compared to PHP. Popular are Django and Flask. PHP has a huge number of Frameworks. Popular ones are Laravel and Codeigniter.
3. Key                 Features Less line of code, rapid deployment, and dynamic typing. Open Source and easy deployment.
4. Language       type It is a general-purpose programing language. It is an open-source server-side programing language.
5. Popular                 Fields  Machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, and IoT. Most websites are created by PHP.
6. Maintenance  Compare to PHP it is easier to maintain. PHP is a bit difficult to maintain.
7. Popularity Since 2016 Python’s popularity is increasing rapidly. At the same time PHP losing its popularity in the world.
8. DB                   Connection Python supports fewer databases It is possible to access in PHP more than 20 different databases.
9. Readability Python uses indentation that is quite strict. This makes it more readable than PHP. PHP follows the classic approach of being highly documented.
10. Famous companies used Uber, Pinterest, Mozilla Hootsuite, Viber, Appcelerator.
11. TIOBE              rating  4th position 7th position
12. Salaries The average salary of a Python Developer is $122,026 per year in the United States. The average salary of a PHP Developer is $87,019 per year in the United States.

Features of Python

Easy to learn, read and maintain
You can create web and app applications in python.
You can include a very low-level module in the Python interpreter.
Python is an ideal structure and support for large programs.
Python is supported for automatic garbage collection.
It offers an interactive mode of testing and debugging.
It has high-level dynamic data types and also enhances dynamic type checking.
Python language can be united with C++, Java, and C programming language.
Features of PHP
It Supports many databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, etc.
It is easy to use, compare to other scripting languages
It is fast than other scripting languages, e.g., ASP and JSP
PHP is a free language, you can use it freely.
PHP can run easily on all operating systems.

Ease of Installation of both PHP and Python

If you are building a small application for yourself, PHP has 3 advantages. It runs well on Windows, OS X, and Linux and It can be found on a variety of shared hosting sites around the world, usually for a minimal fee.
Installing Python can be a little bit difficult. If you are on Mac OS X, there is an existing system version of Python that came installed on your computer.

Trust me, you don’t have to install new packages on the system Python. You will need to install a new version to make sure your system is as stable as possible.
Installing a Python system on Windows is a bit complicated. If you are using Linux. Again, you will have no problem installing Python. PHP is easier to install pretty much everywhere.

Application Speed ​​in both PHP and Python-

PHP can be faster than Python in most cases, they
Can not be compared. PHP works on a completely different purpose and Python has a different purpose.

The speed of web applications built on PHP is faster than python.

Due to the speed of PHP, if developers need to process huge amounts of data, they can improve the performance of PHP web applications.

Library Support in each PHP and python:-

Python has some well-defined ML libraries such as Tensor Flow, Scikit learns, Keras, and Theano.
AI and ML-backend web applications are in high demand and you can also easily build ML applications and projects.
We use the pip package to make Python’s library easier.
Python provides the most effective and mature support for libraries. Python uses “pip installed python”
PHP’s composer is new and not fully reliable at the moment.
To manage PHP, you will combine it with packages and manage your libraries with efficiency.
PHP’s library support is not the strongest. However, PHP 7 introduced a robust tool, Composer, which is its dependency.

All these libraries integrate seamlessly with the web framework and are very fast, easy to use, and set up.
Thus when compared to PHP Python incorporates intelligence and the objective of great library support.

Community Support by Developers

Python is used more in the field of the CGI script.

PHP is a new web scripting language. Although PHP has been a powerful programming language since originally released, it provides similar extensible features.

The Conclusion

Without any doubt, both PHP and Python are the most preferred programming languages ​​for web development.
PHP is an object program-oriented programming language while Python is both an object-oriented and process-oriented programming language.
Python can be a common language used for web development. In contrast, PHP is not designed for general programming in that it is used only for backend web development.
The only reason to travel with PHP is that it is easy and robust.

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