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Natural Treatment of Coronavirus

Natural Treatment of Corona

The coronavirus causes many symptoms, and many people experience those symptoms on a regular basis. Luckily, there are some natural treatment options that can help you stop the virus from getting in its way and today everyone knows about the corona pandemic. It is a variant of the corona family that was new and most experts and scientists also consider it to be a hybrid virus, so it was developed intentionally. Can help bring you back to normalcy? We hope this blog post has provided you with some useful information about the natural treatment for coronavirus. Instead of talking about the sequence and causes of its spread, we will discuss the evidence for its prevention and treatment.

The symptoms of coronavirus are almost similar to pneumonia-

At the time of the corona pandemic, where large communities, pharma companies, and governments around the world were engaged in developing vaccines and using unproven and highly unproven side effects for immediate treatment, at the same time many naturopathies and Ayurveda doctors, experts and scientists were engaged in natural medicine. They were trying to prevent this, so that the body could be made so natural that the body could easily make antibodies on its own, without the use of more side-effects drugs. And the results turned out to be amazing. The result was that the recovery rate was 100%. But the media and governments kept ignoring it as a rumor. The reason was also that natural remedies cannot be patented, that is, they cannot be traded. Because of this, the videos which were related to the natural treatment of corona were deleted as rumors.

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Natural treatment of corona:

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, a renowned expert in Naturopathy; His “3 Step Flu Diet” formula has cured first dengue and second severe fever. But at the same time, he has cured more than 60,000 people in this manner with 100% success. In his way, serious patients of Corona have also been cured and none of them have died. They have also done a good job by providing free service to far-flung patients by providing a helpline number and contact facility on their website. Let’s know what is his three-step flu diet.

It is a special type of diet chart which is especially useful in curing all types of fever. Its main principle is that when we have a fever, our body automatically tries to cure it and the body also puts its energy into it. At this time our body needs more nutrients. At this time if we take some such food which the body needs extra energy to digest, then fever starts increasing in the body because instead of curing the fever, the body starts spending some energy digesting the food. On the other hand, if there is cooked food and if it is non-vegetarian, then the body needs a lot of energy to digest it, due to which the fever increases even more.

Keeping all these things in mind, the best solution is to give fresh, nutritious, and easily digestible food to the body. Like fruit juice, some raw vegetables, etc. All of them are easy to digest and at the same time, the nutrients required by the body are also abundant, natural, and fresh. Vitamin C is considered the best in curing diseases like a corona.
You can watch its video on YouTube but this amazing diet plan has been removed from YouTube from many places. But you should follow this diet plan.

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3 Step Flu Diet Plan:

Step 1 : Liquid: First Day :

Step 1 for natural treatment of corona

On this day the patient has to take only fruit juice.
Weight of patient (Kg)/10 [glasses of citrus juice],
Weight of patient (Kg)/10 [glasses of coconut water]
That is, if your weight is 70kg, then you have to take 7 glasses of citrus fruit and 7 glasses of coconut water throughout the day. Other than that you don’t have to eat anything. Can drink only water. The glass should be big, about 400mL. Also, drink the juice without filtering it. Keep in mind that every glass of juice and coconut water has to be drunk slowly for 15-20 minutes so that it can be absorbed well in the stomach.

Step 2: Fluid: Day 2 :

Natural Treatment DAY 2 of Corona
The diet of this day is as follows:-
Weight (Kg)/20 [glasses of Citrus Fruit Juice],
Weight (Kg)/20 [glasses of Coconut Water],
Weight (Kg)×5 [gram Tomato & Cucumber]
If your weight is 80Kg then you have to take 4 glasses of Citrus Fruit Juice + 4 glasses of Coconut Water + 400g of tomato and cucumber throughout the day.

Step 3: Solid: Day 3 :

Natural Treatment DAY 3 of Corona

The diet of this day is as follows:-
Weight (Kg)/30 [glasses of Citrus Fruit Juice] (in breakfast),
Weight (Kg)/30 [glasses of Coconut Water] (in breakfast),
Weight (Kg)×5 [gram Tomato & Cucumber] (for Lunch),
Normal home-cooked food (for dinner)

After that, you can have normal food.
If the fever persists even after this, then the same diet plan should be repeated from the beginning.
This flu diet plan has been a complete success. The main reason for this is that it is rich in vitamin C, which is said to be the best healer.

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Some other important steps:

1. If you have a fever higher than 102°F, lie down with a normal warm water-dampened cloth on your forehead, neck, around your elbows, and around your knees. After 15-20 minutes soak the cloth again in normal temperature water and wrap it back. Gradually the body temperature will start decreasing.

2. If your oxygen saturation starts decreasing or you are having trouble breathing then you will have to lie down in a prone position. It is also called prone ventilation. In this, you have to lie down on your waist, chest, and legs with the help of pillows. This leads to a gradual increase in oxygen saturation, with a speed of 2-3% per hour. So in this, we have to lie down for hours. But it works. By doing this your lung capacity increases by 20%.


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