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Why you must visit Jordan at least once in your lifetime

Why you must visit Jordan at least once in your lifetime

Jordan is an ancient country in western Asia. It is an Arabian nation. Not many people have heard of it but it has some of the most diverse and stunning historical heritage. The temperatures here are quite contrasting between summers and winters. Before I tell you more about the country, click on the Qatar promo code to get a discount on your travel. The country houses many ancient monuments, mosques, museums, etc. The delightful and scenic landscapes are worth seeing. Serene nature reserves and the extraordinary architecture of ancient monuments are breathtaking. You will be pleased to see the warmth and simplicity in the environment.

Jordan is filled with many historical facts and stories that you will love to hear. The more places you will visit, the more you will be astonished by its culture. You can use Qatar Airways codes to claim your discount. Now let me tell you why you must visit Jordan at least once in your lifetime.

1. To explore Petra:

Petra is one of the ancient cities of Jordan that is famous for its amazing monuments from the past. It is also known as Rose City, due to the color of the stone, and is the most popular attraction in the country. The presence of population in the city dates back to as old as the 2nd century BC in which archeological studies show that Nabataeans lived here. The magnificent tombs and monasteries carved out of the rocky mountains add to its beauty. You can marvel for hours seeing its eye-resting design.

2. To enjoy the real view of the night:

Jordan is not polluted enough by light. So, unlike other cities of the world, the night sky here appears full of stars. You can stargaze at the sky and see nature at its real beauty from the top of various mountains and valleys. The Dana Biosphere Reserve is one such place. It is also the largest nature reserve in Jordan.

3. Jordanian hospitality:

People in Jordan are friendly and welcoming. They welcome tourists with stretched arms and wide smiles on their faces. They don’t treat them like outsiders. The people here are kind and always ready to be of help. They often treat you with their different kinds of foods and also share various stories related to their place and culture. Some people also invite tourists to spend the night at their homes or have lunch or dinner with them. You won’t find such home-like hospitality and welcome nowadays in other parts of the world.

4. Safe destination:

Despite being the least known place for tourist attractions, Jordan is completely safe. You can freely move around in groups or with family or on your own. Rarely any crime takes place there. You will have no trouble moving around even at night. Wherever you will go, you will not get to hear stories of crime. Also, the friendliness of the locals makes it even easier for tourists to explore various places without thinking about the threats.

5. Delicious cuisines:

Arabic cuisines are one of the best in the world. Jordan is no less than a paradise for food lovers. The different kinds of cuisines and delights will make you salivate in seconds. You will get here the tastiest and healthiest foods compared to any other place. A popular traditional food here is ‘Mansaf’, which is rice along with lamb cooked in yogurt. You will fancy how many different kinds of dishes they can make. Their way of serving the food will also please you. If you are visiting in summer, you must try tabbouleh, which is an assortment of colorful fresh salads. There are fancy restaurants that are not very expensive. If you are looking for alcoholic beverages, you can get that too.

6. To visit Amman:

Amman is the capital city of the country. It is also the hub of Middle Eastern arts and culture, featuring exhibitions from Iraqi, Syrian, Palestinian, and Jordanian artists. Amman is also the perfect balance of modern and traditional culture. You will find luxurious hotels as well as old houses here. The city offers modern shopping malls and at the same time traditional delicious delights. Rainbow Street is also a famous attraction here.

7. Affordability:

Many people don’t travel because they think traveling will take their life savings. But that’s not the case with Jordan. The country is quite cheap and affordable. From hotels to food to travel, everything is under the budget of any person.

8. To see religions co-exist:

Although Jordan is majorly inhabited by Muslim communities, Christian communities are also established here such as in the cities of Madaba and Fuhais. The harmony between the two communities is well-established. You can see churches and mosques standing across from each other. You can also hear church bells and Athan in the same area. The country thus stands as a strong example that people of different religions can live together without any riots.

9. Wadi Rum:

It is a desert in Jordan that will give you an extra-terrestrial experience. It is an incredible place to spend your night in a glass igloo. You can also go on jeep safaris. The view is majestic and breathtaking everywhere around the desert. You can also enjoy stargazing here. The extraordinary rocks and patterns in the caves have been used for filming movies.

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