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Laravel Framework v/s WordPress

Laravel Framework v/s Wordpress

Before comparing these two let’s know what is Laravel and WordPress. So Laravel is a framework it was developed using php7 and worked on a cross-platform operating system and was designed to develop a web application by the top-level organization. WordPress is a Content Management System(CMS) also developed using PHP and it is free, open-source, and more user-friendly. It is mainly used to make blogs and news websites in small organizations.

Laravel web framework and WordPress CMS


Laravel is a free open-source PHP web framework created by Tylor Otwell and intended for the web application with a model-view-controller architectural pattern based on the symphony. Laravel aims to make the development process pleasing for the developer without sacrificing application functionality. Laravel is a powerful tool needed for a large and robust application. It was initially released in the year 2011(10 years ago).


WordPress is Content Management System developed by the WordPress foundation. It is more user-friendly because there is no need to write code to develop the website. It has well-known features like plug-ins and templates. Developer easily designs their website using drag and drop and are easy to edit, delete, and update. It is basically used by beginners who have little knowledge about coding. It was initially released in 2003(17 years old).

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Key Difference Between Laravel and WordPress:

• Laravel is a framework that needs to understand by the developer to code just like another framework but WordPress is very easy to start without coding knowledge.

• In Laravel there are a lot of features like authentication, authorization, inversion of control, etc. In WordPress, authentication can be managed by plug-ins.

• In Laravel SEO needs to define its own routes but WordPress requires only basic SEO.

• In Laravel the database can be designed in our own ways but in WordPress, there is no need to create a database, it remains in the statics data mostly.

• In Laravel each and every part can be customizable but in WordPress, you can customize contents only using themes and plug-ins.

• Laravel has less community support than WordPress and most of the current developers are the WordPress developer available to develop and support.

• In Laravel there are large learning areas that mean you have to understand the concepts but in WordPress, as compared to Laravel limited learning is available.

Both Laravel and WordPress have their own importance, now let’s know:

When to use Laravel:

If you want to develop a large web application for commercial use and want full control over there then go for Laravel. It will provide you with flexibility, straightforward syntax coding, and a dynamic website with a flexible back-end system.

When to use WordPress:

WordPress websites are basically created with themes and plug-ins but it doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own themes from scratch or customize existing ones to fit your need. Word press provides the option to import your own custom themes and using plug-ins you can add more additional features to them. WordPress basically used by beginners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and news creators. If you hate coding but love designing then go for WordPress, you can easily create your website within a single day.

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Quick Comparison Table For Reminder :

On the basis of Laravel WordPress
Definition It is an open-source PHP framework It is an open-source PHP content management system
Architecture It is based on a model view controller It is based on themes and plug-ins
Framework It is framework It is not a framework
Simplicity It is complex compared to WordPress It is easy to compare to Laravel
Build-in It has great built-in capabilities It has less build-in capability compared to Laravel
Initially Released It is released in June 2011 It is released in  May 2003


The main difference between Laravel and WordPress depends on the type of project you want to build in these technologies. To use Laravel you must know object-oriented programming concepts to develop such a web application. Both Laravel and WordPress are PHP products but are used in different contexts.
Laravel is really quick and fast and WordPress is referred to as slower because of its used plug-ins. If we use strongly coded themes and plug-ins then it will also become fast.
Both Laravel and WordPress have their own pros and cons but they are really amazing technologies as per our requirements. So always choose the technology that is flexible and meets your needs.

The Bottom Lines are :

• WordPress is best for web presentations, blogs, news portals, magazines, and small or medium online business works.
• Laravel is the best fit for large eCommerce websites with complex web applications and strong backend support.

Frequently asked questions

Question- What is Cross-Platform Software?

Cross-platform software is software that runs on multiple operating systems also known as platforms like windows, macOS, Android, Unix, etc. Many tools are available to develop cross-platform software.

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Question- What is a framework?

A Software framework is a platform that provides the foundation for developing software applications. In general, it is a collection of mostly used components required to develop the software which helps developers to write quick and efficient code.

Question- What is a content management system?

CMS is Software that helps users to create, edit, delete, and publish the content on the website without technical expertise. Example: WordPress, Wix, Google Sie, Zyro, etc.

Question- What is Model View Controller?

MVC is an architectural pattern that separates the application into three main logical components model, view, and controller. Each of these components handles the specific aspects of an application. MVC is used to divide the project into different units to easily manage the project.

So I hope This article will help you to find out the basic difference between Laravel and WordPress. If you have any queries or suggestions please write in the comment box We will reply within 24 hours. Thank you.

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