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Java vs JavaScript

Java and javascript both are programming languages and have their own importance according to the need of the developer. If we want to develop a standalone software we need Java but if we want to develop a cool interactive website we need JavaScript because javascript is a frontend scripting language that runs on a web browser, so guys let me know more about java and javaScript:


First of all, java is a programming language and it has many characteristics like robustness, security, platform independence, multithreading, etc. And the famous quote of this language is “java is everywhere” which means using the java programming language you can develop mobile apps, websites, desktop applications, and embedded systems. Using java programming language you only need to write code at once and can use everywhere means any platforms like windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Nowadays if you want to get a job for a java programming language you need to prepare for the role of Full Stack Java Developer because it is on trend in 2022 and you can search for jobs on LinkedIn but before applying to get a good enough knowledge and prepare some good project using java then start applying for this role. Here I’m giving you some useful links which help you to become a full-stack java developer.


JavaScript is an interpreted high-level programming language. It cannot be compiled on the IDE but it can be interpreted on the web browser. using this we can make interactive and responsive web applications. JavaScript is easier than java to learn.

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JavaScript is also trending in 2022, if you want to learn JavaScript then you need to learn some other languages too which are HTML and CSS. In the below section I am providing some playlists that help you to learn JavaScript:

Now, let’s see some similarities between Java and JavaScript:

Object-Oriented Programming:

Both java and javaScript are object-oriented programming languages which means we can write code for creating objects and all those concepts of object-oriented programming.

Browser Compatibility:

Both are compatible with running in the browser. Java script runs on most of the modern web browsers like Microsoft edge, google chrome, firefox, etc, and java applets programs are also run on a web browser.

Fronted Development:

We can design the frontend of web applications using both java and javaScript. These two languages are mostly used for developing web applications.

Backend Development:

Backend Development is also possible using both languages, we can write code for supporting backend technologies like Jboss, Apache, and WebSphere.

Now, the most common question is What is the difference between Java & JavaScript.
Many people say that javascript is another name for java but this is only used for marketing purposes. Below are some key differences I am going to share with you to get a better understanding of the difference between java and javascript:






Java is a strongly typed programming language javaScript is a Weakly typed scripting language.
2 java runs on JVM as well as browser javaScript only runs on the browser
3 Java programs need to comply before execution javaScript needs to be integrated with HTML before execution
4 It requires large memory spaces It requires little amount of memory space used by the browser.
5 Java programs have file extension .java javaScript program has file extension .js
6 It is a standalone programming language It is not a standalone language it needs to be integrated with HTML for execution.
7 Java is stored in the host machine as byte code. JavaScript is stored in the host machine as the source text.
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The Bottom Line is:

JavaScript is Mostly Used in Web development to make the website more interactive and Java Language is mostly used for app development and support the backend server because it is a secure programming language We are Learning these languages to get a job or develop our own applications. We just updated with the new technologies because every IT Company uses the latest technology to get a profit and grow their businesses.

So, guys, these are the key difference between java and javaScript hope you will get your answer. If you have any dought or any suggestions mention them in the comment box. See you soon…….Thank you.

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