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Is Dieting Really Hard ?? Or is it just a confusion.

Is dieting really hard

Why are people confused about dieting?

Today people are really confused about the word ‘Dieting’. Actually, people face this confusion because of a lack of knowledge or lack of guidance available in the market. Everyone has their own level of knowledge about nutrition and dieting but most people think dieting is hard because they don’t understand the actual meaning of dieting and nutrition.

Dieting is a lifestyle. It is just like a marathon race, not a 100-meter sprint. People fail in dieting because they quickly shift their regular diet to a very extreme diet and then the problem starts there, they just avoid the basic foods and add those foods that were never eaten by them.

Actually, people should understand that avoiding any foods or adding expensive foods doesn’t change you completely, if you talk about fitness and health it is a time taking process it takes time to adjust your internal body health.

Do not follow Bodybuilders or athletes’ diets. Here’s Why?

One of the major mistakes often do is they started following Bodybuilders or athletes diets and try to copy them exactly, they follow it for a few days and then get irritated by the diet and that’s where the problem started, people should understand that there is so much difference between you as a normal gym-goers or a person with a sedentary lifestyle.

Bodybuilders or athletes do spend their money and follow extreme dieting because they have to perform well in their sport, they have an aim, goal, and target to achieve within a certain period of time before their show or matches. But people started following their diet on their own or dieticians without proper knowledge or experience gives the diet.

What should be your ideal diet?

This question is very common but you should understand every individual is different so that doesn’t mean that if one person eats rice then others and also eat maybe they like roti (tortilla) one like other doesn’t, maybe one person have a problem of lactose intolerance so they can’t add dairy products in their diet. So there is nothing as ideal a diet you just focus on your simple home-cooked food just like rice, beans, pulses, roti(tortilla).

What you are eating on a regular basis you just avoid fried foods, fast foods because they are high in calories and also don’t have any nutritional benefit on your health, you can have sometimes but if you eat junk foods on regular basis it will affect your health. You just focus on a balanced diet with a balanced amount of macronutrients ( protein, carbohydrates, and fats) and micronutrients ( vitamins and minerals) as well.

Also, focus on hitting your daily protein goal as per ICMR any people (male or female) with a sedentary lifestyle should eat at least protein up to 1gm of per kg of your bodyweight. And for athletes, it reaches up to 1.6 gm to 2.2 gm per kg of body weight and in ICMR guidelines there is a list of requirements you can check on their website.

Best protein sources are for non-vegetarian chicken, egg, fish, and meat and others and for vegetarians milk, soybean, paneer (cottage cheese) and also you can add protein supplement if you can’t fulfill your protein goal. Also, focus on eating lots of vegetables and fruits, they are high in nutrition with many benefits.

  • You don’t need to follow a keto diet, intermittent fasting, or type of dieting methods if you want to then take help from experienced dieticians and nutritionists
  •  Or just go with a basic diet with the proper amount of exercise on a regular basis.
  •  Focus on your sleep 
  •  Try to avoid smoking, liquor consumption, or any type of bad habit that can affect your health mentally and physically.
  •  Try to control your table sugar because it has a high glycemic index and can also spike your blood sugar level.
  • Your water intake should be up to 3-5 liters daily.

Why are diet and nutrition necessary?

See as we all know for living we need 3 things: air, water, and food. From your birth nutrition is very important. It helps you to grow for your good health both internally and externally. Every function of your internal organs needs nutrition. So always focus on a healthy diet. Do not copy anyone, just do what suits you and live a healthier and happier life.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy

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