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Impact of Covid 19 on education


As we all know when COVID 19 spread all over the world and harm our lives, the lockdown was proposed to decrease the infection ratio, and all institutions like industries, factories, and educational institutions were closed to keep people away from danger. After that one of the major points of education was facing the problem of how to teach children. But online classes seem to be the only option to teach because schools and colleges are closed and they can’t be open because of fear of viruses.


There are a lot of challenges out there like how we can teach children through phones or computers while sitting at home and the students sitting at their home especially the small children because teaching them is a very tough job we can say but there is no option.

Problems In Online Education.

  • Studying in a classroom is far different than studying on mobile phones or computers because in a classroom a teacher can understand from the expression of students that they are actually understanding what he/she is trying to teach but online it’s not easy.


  • School or College doesn’t only mean about studies, it’s about the environment we get from there. Apart from studies we make friends there, life learning lessons from teachers, we participate in sports, cultural, speech, debate competition or events that build the personality in the students which helps them in their future life not only in school or college. And that environment we can’t get from online classes.
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  • We create a lot of memories in Schools/Colleges whether it’s about school picnics or punishment from teachers or many other things that happened in our lives that will be remembered for a lifetime.


  • Also, there are a lot of children who don’t have a smartphone or computers or don’t have proper internet facilities because they live in rural areas. So in this pandemic, many students are not getting the facility of online education. So this creates inequality between the students because one has the facility to attend online classes while the other one does not and that is a big problem.


  • This pandemic also caused the reason of depression, and anxiety to the older students who are preparing for engineering, medical, civil services, banking, and public sector jobs they faced too many problems in the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, the exam dates were shifting from one date to another or many exams were canceled. This leads students to a problematic situation where they can’t figure out what they can do next or are confused about their future life.


But that’s the fact that we don’t have any option rather than online education because something is better than nothing. In the pandemic, thousands of people lost their lives and that’s a very dangerous number. COVID 19 is a very dangerous virus that suddenly came affecting our lives from every perspective from health to wealth.

How does COVID affect the mental health of students?

The word ‘mental health’ was very common during COVID times because not only students but everyone in the world suffer from mental issues due to COVID people lost their jobs, lost their loved ones, lost money, and had to spend time in strict lockdown this type of problems effects to the mental health of everyone.

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In the case of students, it affects them because they lose their focus on studying, and students who are preparing for jobs fear not getting jobs due to COVID exams have shuffled. There are many which affect students from every perspective but then also COVID is a pandemic. We can’t do anything just to wait for COVID to leave the World. 

COVID vaccines and masks, sanitizers, hygiene habits, medical treatments, and many other factors help us to live like before COVID but in a few conditions. But COVID has its effects currently but not like it was 2 years back. But then also we shouldn’t be careless and follow the guidelines that WHO provided to us and our medical authorities provided. We need to be careful about COVID, we should be careful about our mental and physical health as well as our education. Because education is very important for every person in the World.


Be safe and healthy.

Exercise well and learn well.


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