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If you want to look 25 at the age of 45, then follow this rule

If you want to look 25 at the age of 45, then follow this rule

If you want to look 25 at the age of 45, then follow this rule

People who follow these four rules will never get this disease

if you want to look 35 at the age of 45, then you should follow this rule. Baba Ramdev himself has been following it for 40 -45 years, if you follow it, it would be great, I also follow these rules, I do Pranayama for 3-4 years, Rajiv Dixit has done something Made rules that they used to follow. Many yoga gurus used to do this and follow these rules so much that there is never any disease, by doing this you will not get your BP, sugar, cholesterol, cold, cold or sore throat, nor any hospital ever. Had to go, you will be healthy and healthy Ayurveda says that if a person has to be healthy, then he has to follow these three rules to keep his Vata, Pitta, and Kapha balanced. There are two types of three types in our body, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Vata has more than 80 diseases. About 46 to 50 illnesses occur when bile worsens; When the phlegm worsens, there are 28 illnesses and If all three of the Vata-Pitta Kapha worsen, there are 148 diseases, from cold cough to cold, cancer, which is considered to be the final disease, all of which are due to the worsening of Vata-Pitta and Kapha. Vagbhataa Rishi became one of such great sages as Charaka Rishi and Sushruta Rishi among the great people of Ayurveda in the country.

Vagbhata Rishi has written a book

his name is Ashtanga Hridayam and he has written a book, his name is Ashtanga Sangraha. In both these books, he mentions 7000 thousand rules, out of which Rajiv Dixit Ji has formulated four rules. And tell others so that they also do not fall ill, following this rule will not make you sick.

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Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are balanced together for you, the rule is –

Drinking water immediately after meals. Many people consume more water than they eat. Eat less food and eat more water. Never drink water after eating food, because Maharishi Vagbhata says that consuming water after eating means drinking alcohol is like drinking poison, so they say do not drink water immediately after eating. Now you will ask why one should not drink it. Give reasons that when we eat food, all the food gets collected in the stomach. There is a place we call Jathar in Sanskrit and Hindi and Jathar is called Gastric in English. In Hindi, many people call it gastric food. All your food comes in that. As soon as the food gathers in the stomach, there is a fire. And that fire is called Jathar Agni. As soon as we have food, this fire burns, and, this fire cooks our food like a fire in the kitchen when you put rice in the pot. When we add water, the rice cooks, as long as the fire burns in the same way as food is eaten, the fire burns in the stomach and till the fire burns, the digestion process of our food will continue. What, as we cook in a kitchen, is the way food is cooked in the stomach, this is what we call digestion. If you ate food, the fire will burn in the stomach, now it will digest the food, and when the fire is lit and you drank the water, the fire will go away because the water always extinguishes the fire, then this food will rot in the stomach and your life. Will make it hell. And you will get sick for a lifetime, many people have gas in their stomachs, that is the reason their food is not digestible and that is the reason for stomach irritation. The reason for the bloating of many people is that their food is not digested and when food is not digested, then venom will be born and when venom is born then diseases will arise, so do not drink water while eating.

Drink water only after 1 hour because the process of digesting food lasts for about 1 hour, after that, many people calm down and consider that they can drink water before eating food. And if you want to drink something immediately after eating, then drink yogurt lassi, or matha or drink fruit juice and lemon juice, which will also make you cheaper. You can drink milk even after eating, but after one hour you can drink water. If you eat food in the morning, what we call breakfast, drink fruit juice, eat good food, drink lassi and whey is good, and eat dinner, then it is good to drink milk. Those following this rule do not have these 80 diseases. Due to this small rule, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha remain balanced.
The second rule is to drink water chokingly. It will be beneficial that the saliva mixed with water will go into our stomach because the saliva is alkaline and the stomach is acidic, then will be combined with alkali acid. If you go to the stomach with alkali acid, there is never acidity

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