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How to gain weight at home naturally

how to gain weight at home naturally

It is said that if we want to get the right weight, then we should focus on fitness instead of focusing on weight; After that our body will decide which weight is good according to our height and body structure.
Weight is a problem today because people’s eating habits, activity, and overall lifestyle have changed. There is a big difference between earlier food and activity. Our ancestors had to do a lot of manual labor, so the weight was neither increased nor decreased. But today it is a big issue. So first of all we need to change our perception. First, learn to listen to your body language.
Being overweight or underweight can also be genetic, but can still be overcome. Some people have more bone weight, some people have bigger muscles but they look more fat due to more fat.
Therefore, not everyone’s body is the same and because of this, we should not compare any two people.
Therefore we need to pay attention to these things, how we remain fit and healthy, not how to lose or gain weight. Because even after the physical appearance of any two people, the weight can be different. Therefore, this should not be an issue.

Let us now know about those simple and natural ways by which weight gain is done.

1.) Physical exercise/running/walking / hatha yoga/yoga/pranayama etc. –

This can be a very effective way of gaining the right weight for anyone. Whether it is for weight loss or to gain weight, it works in both conditions and reduces it in a very effective way. This belief is absolutely wrong that exercise/running/walking more / hatha yoga/yoga/pranayama etc. leads to weight loss. We forget that all these contribute to the development of muscles in our body. Apart from this, many reactions occur simultaneously in the body, which greatly benefits our body. Which in itself is a big topic. Whether to stay healthy or lose weight, it will work. If we give our body the right environment, then it will fix all things on its own. In our system, there are multiple intelligences that respond automatically and try to fix everything. We just need to give them the right environment and fuel.
Also, all these activities increase hunger and if the right natural diet is taken, then it has different benefits. Just increase their quantity.
Keep in mind that if we are doing more physical exercise, then we need to increase our diet as well. Although this is natural and the person will start taking more food on their own, but some people are careless about diet and they do not pay attention to it. Therefore, special care should be taken for them.

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2.) Natural and raw food (raw fruits and vegetables) –

This is another great tool to bring the weight to exactly the right place. Our diet contributes 70–80% of health and the rest contributes to activity. So you can understand the importance of the right diet. In the case of diet, we have to keep in mind that we never have to eat less but we have to eat well i.e. we have to eat only what our body really needs. Today there are many people who mostly prefer non-vegetarian food. You will eat all kinds of things like packed food, processed food, and fast food and eat nothing but cooked vegetables as good food. We know that most of the nutrients in a vegetable perish or break down after cooking, some changing their form. So we go upstairs with all these types of food, all these are either not beneficial at all or are less beneficial.
We should make at least 50-60% of our diet natural and raw. Natural and raw are no different, this means that both of these must be special in our food. All questions will arise, why? Some people will also raise the question of whether it will reduce weight. All these questions are because there is little or no raw food in our diet in general. So we think it will be reduced. But this is absolutely wrong. You can try using it. Try to eat as much raw food as possible, it will be very difficult for anyone. This will tell us that we can eat raw food by reducing the amount of cooked food.
We have to eat raw because raw fruits and vegetables contain all types of proteins, vitamins, and all nutrients in balanced amounts. These natural nutrients are digested very quickly when eaten raw. Along with this, they also increase the appetite, due to which you will feel like eating more. Eating raw food will give your body an environment that will strengthen your bones and every part of your body. And your weight will also come to the right place. And eat as much as you want, because we have to pay attention to whether our body is getting good food or not. Eating less can also cause weakness.
For this, you can adopt a DIP diet plan. This diet plan is completely based on these principles. And this diet plan is in chart form, so it is easy for people to follow it. But keep in mind that some changes will have to be made in this diet plan. That is, if you want to gain weight very quickly, then you have to increase the number of foods mentioned in it by 20-30%, otherwise, the speed of weight gain will be reduced. Also, if someone works physically more or does more exercise or gym, then he also has to increase his quantity by at least 25 percent.
Overall our body should not be deficient in good food and nutrients. And we should focus on our health and body by not paying attention to our weight. The body itself will decide which weight is best for it. We just have to provide him the right things in the right quantity.

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3.) Milk and Banana –

Banana is a tremendous fruit in itself, which helps in weight gain. But if it is taken with milk, its effect increases greatly. Can also be called a milkshake. But in the name of all these, favors and sugars are used which can be harmful. So it is only right to drink milk and banana mixed together. If not mixing, eating bananas directly and drinking milk is also good. It would be best if the milk is from a local cow such as a desi cow in India. Processed milk and powdered milk also have disadvantages. But to gain weight, it is also good if you want to take it for a few months. The amount of banana depends on you to what extent you want to go. Those who have a passion for weight gain also eat half a dozen bananas as breakfast and then drink milk. Anyway, the appetite increases a lot after exercising. Even eating more bananas is not harmful because it is natural. You can take 1 glass or more of milk, but keep in mind that digestive problems can also occur if you take more milk. Keep in mind if you have asthma or acidity problem, do not try the banana method.

4.) Mango and milk –

Mango like bananas is also a very good diet for weight gain. And taking with milk also increases weight. But mango is not available in every season, this is the problem with it. But if you want to increase the time of mango season then it would be a very good thing.
All these things can happen without supplementation if we do the right things. Too much normal food can be heavy for the stomach, but it is easily digested by the body. This does not produce heat in the body. Eat mangoes for breakfast as much as possible, then drink milk. Mango juice can also be made, or bananas and mangoes can be drunk together by making milkshakes.

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5.) Some other natural foods –

Dates can also be useful in increasing weight. It would be better to eat the dates by washing them, especially the dates found at a lower cost.
Apart from this, some things about Ayurveda can also be useful. For example, if we make Ashwagandha, Asparagus, and Muesli powder or if their powder is available, then we should mix them and take 1-2 grams and dissolve them in milk, or take only asparagus milk, then weight will be increased.
Apart from this, there is a simple solution and it is honey with milk. Taking honey with milk can also help you gain weight.
Chyawanprash is also available in India, which will also benefit from consumption. Especially for those who have asthma, it would be better to take Shilajit and Chyawanprash.

Summary –

Weight and health are not separate things, and the thing to keep in mind is that health is a slow process. It cannot be achieved in 1 day or in a week. So we will need patience and continuity.
If we focus only on health and fitness, then our body will automatically come into the right shape and weight; Whether it is about weight gain or loss. We just need to give him the right environment and the right food and get the right activity. The system inside our body is capable of correcting itself by responding correctly, it just needs the right fuel to run properly.

For example, if someone puts diesel or kerosene in a petrol engine, how will the engine run properly? Our body is just like that. We need to pay attention to the signals and demands of our bodies. Now the time has come for us to understand our body language and work in the same way.

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