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How To Get Job In Information Technology Firm

how to get job in it firms

A most common question that How To Get Job In IT Firm asked by the technical students as well non-tech background people, because when they heart about coding, most of them have the interest to learn them, but only learning is not enough we have to use our skill by working on real-world projects which are mostly done by the IT Firms. So now the question arises How To Get a Job In IT Firm? let’s see the roadmap to getting a job in an IT Company:

Do Any Professional Course :

In order to get a job in IT Firm, we need to do some courses related to computer science like BCA, BSc, BE, or B.Tech or MCA to get some basic knowledge about coding, programming, and how a computer actually works. These courses provide us with enough knowledge about computers and programming.

Start Preparing For Interviews:

During this course, we need to start preparing for Interviews, so that we can use our time effectively during this course whether it is for 2 years or 3 years. Now the question arises which type of questions are asked in interviews and what are the phases of the interview? to Get Job in IT Firm.

So, if you want to start preparing for interviews, you should understand the phases of interviews and start preparing according to the phases:

There is mainly 3 phase of interviews to get hire the candidate:

  1. Online Assessment Test: In this round, they will ask questions to check your IQ, analytical ability, and communication skill. If Your English is weak you have to work on that. The difficulty level is moderate. You should start solving problems on Reasoning books and online resources.
  2. Technical Interviews: Technical round is all about your technical skill and what you have learned during your courses. They will ask questions from DBMS, Computer Network, Data Structure & Algorithm, etc. So start preparing questions on these subjects you can search on google to get questions and answers asked by the interviewers.
  3. HR Interviews: If you passed the technical round you have the final round which is the Human Resource Interview. They will ask some basic questions about what you know about the company and yourself if you have good communication skills, you will definitely clear this round and get the job you wanted.
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Make Some Real-World Projects:

During your course in the final year, you should make some useful projects which can solve real-world problems. These projects show your academic excellence and will add a good impact on your resume.

Apply For InternShip :

After completing your course, you should try to get an internship in a small IT firm or startup. to apply your educational skills and get an idea about how actually IT companies work. You can do 6 months or 3-month internship this is enough. the best thing is that if they like your work mostly chances to get you hired. To apply for an internship is a must.


Make Simple and Crisp Resume/CV :  

Now you are ready to get a job but before applying for a job you should try to make a resume first. While applying they will ask you to upload your resume so make it first. Here you have to put your personal detail, education detail, project detail, and internship certificate in a simple and straightforward way.

Apply For a Job:

Here we have many ways to apply for a job some of them are given below: To Solve the Problem of How to Get a Job In an IT Firm :

Linked In: Create a good profile and fill the all required field and make a good connection on Linkedin. your profile appears in the search result and chance to get an offer from the company. The most important thing that must follow is the HR of a top IT company they post job vacancies on their profile when they want engineers for their company.

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Job Portals: you can also apply on various job portals like,, indeed, and many others but I personally prefer because there is a high chance to get hired.

Referrals From Alumunis or Relatives: another way to Get a Job in IT Firm is from your college alumni who are already working in some IT companies. they can refer you to get hired. Approach them on Linkedin and tell them when vacancies are open in their company.

Coding Contest: many students attend coding contests to increase their problem-solving and coding skills. they get stars from them, it will also help to get hired when they have a good level and achieve 5 or 6 stars. Companies also visit these websites sometimes to hire coders or engineers. You can solve problems in CodeChef, hacker rank, HackerEarth, geeks for geeks, etc.

These are the ways that are How to Get a Job in IT firms, Hope you will understand this road map. If you have any dought or suggestions mention them in the comment box.

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