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Flutter Dart vs Java

Flutter Dart vs Java

Java and Flutter are used for cross-platform application development.
Java is a programming language for mobile, web, and desktop applications.
Flutter is a framework that helps developers to build mobile applications – Android and iOS & Web applications.

Java –

Advantages of java

Excellent Tooling –

Many tools available like Java applets and applications, Java Runtime Environment, and JVM are helpful for developing a high-performance application.

Set of documentation –

code samples, tutorials, developer guides, and documentation are available in java.
A large set of developers are available – developers give information solutions for designing and developing applications, and frequently act as the support for businesses to improve user experience

Excellent performance –

Java bytecode is compiled, Java virtual machine (JVM) available on the operating system that boosts the performance of java

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Easy to learn and understand –

Used to develop Web, Mobile, and Desktop applications. it is based on programmers and support is available in the market.

SDK and JDK –

We use the SDK to quickly develop applications in a short time and using JDK provides a tool for compilers, debugging, etc. that works with the Java language.

Open-Source –

Developed and supported by Sun Microsystems and now supported by Oracle. Java is open source and also has worldwide community support.


This is the server-side programming language. JSP is used to create a web application. These platforms are independent.

Pointer –

pointer has been removed from java for security purposes.

Disadvantages of java

Verbosity –

We need to write more code in more words – Java is designed to use 16-bit Unicode characters and if you want to make an argument it is more code than other languages Take.

Null pointer exception – An exception occurs when a reference variable is used and is not pointing to an object.
Boilerplate code – Boilerplate code is that part of the code that is repeated in many places without any change.
Read-Eval-Print Loop does not exist – Read-Eval-Print Loop is a shell interface. So do not interact with the application at run time.

Graphics Programming – Graphics programming is difficult, complex code, and not very interactive.

It is a strict type of language – strictly typed languages ​​when type data interacts with the codebase. So do not use variable values ​​with complexity.

Wildcard type – used in a variety of parameters or local variables — returns wildcards; As a return type. Which are not relevant to each other.

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Floating-point error – A small round-off error occurs when the floating point is represented by a fixed number of times.

Optional parameters are not available – Optional parameters in Java do not provide built-in support for optional parameter values.


Advantages of Flutter Dart

Hot Reload –

immediately visible in the app itself on development time and it is not taking more time than java so in less time you can build a big project and run it.

Cross-platform –

various platforms or Operating Systems like IOS, Android, and the web is the same codebase you need to change some specific part of your applications


provide 60 frames per second on devices – dart dev tools are available that measure the performance of flutter applications and flutter is very fast.

It is Backed by Google –

Google provides support and the best UI designs.

Compiled into native code –

Dart2.js is converted to javascript for web applications and it is running on the web.

Open-Source framework –

flutter features are available without any cost and support of codebase and classes.

Flexible and expressive UI –

Google is the best UI designer and flutter has many widgets that are able to create responsive page applications.

Portability –

Code is Easy for web ios and android, it allows rapid prototyping.

Fast development –

Hot reload feature and design and backend part are the same codebase so very easy and fast way to create applications.
Material design with widgets – material designs are parent-child combinations with beautiful responsive structures.

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Disadvantages of Flutter Dart

Dart Programming Language –

The required dart language –

It is important for pulsing because classes and imports are made from the original dart.

Does not support 3D graphics –

3D graphics are not supported by quivering. It is still under development. flutter introduction before 3 -4 years hence documentation support is not readily available. Compatible documentation is not available.

Promotions do not outweigh other languages ​​-

a lot of programmers and companies have not used this framework so it is not more popular than Java.

Difference Between Flutter and Java

Java is a language that is used to develop and design applications.
Flutter is a platform or framework for cross-platform application development.

Java Itself is a programming language for writing Syntax.
Flutter uses dart programming for writing Syntax.

It is also an Open-source Programming language.
Flutter is an Open-source Framework by google.

Java UI is not effective like a flutter.
Flutter provides a beautiful and very flexible UI.

Java doesn’t Have a material design Widget.
Flutter provides scaffold class and material design Widgets.

Tools for Java and Flutter –

java uses Docker & Flutter uses Firebase for hosting and dynamic link app.
java uses IntelliJ IDEA and android studio & flutter uses Android SDK and visual studio code.
java uses Spring Boot & Flutter framework and uses Dart language.
java uses Scala & flutter uses Socket.IO for networking.

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