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What food to eat to prevent coronavirus

How to eat food to prevent coronavirus

The food or food that we eat has a very important role in avoiding any disease or recovering from the disease. The nutrients present in the food or foods we take keep us healthy. The coronavirus with which every child in the world has become familiar today has created havoc in the world. Every time it is going to change its form and comes to infect us. To avoid this coronavirus, First of all, it is very important for us to choose our eating routine and good food. To avoid coronavirus, such foods should be consumed which keep our immune system strong and we Grant the ability to survive and fight diseases. The delta version of the coronavirus was also very dangerous and contagious, but now the new version of the corona, known as Omicron, is compared to the delta. It is airing very fast. Therefore, to avoid this, we have to take some measures in advance, in which the first thing will start with our food and drink.

1. Consumption of fresh fruits and dry fruits –

It is very important for us to consume fruits and dry fruits, important antioxidants are abundant in fruits and dry fruits, and they protect us from harmful elements like free radicals. essential nutrients in fruits
Vitamins and minerals-like elements are present which make our immune system strong. Fruits containing vitamin C should be consumed. It helps us a lot to stay healthy. To avoid corona, we should consume all seasonal fruits in a balanced quantity as well as dry fruits so that we can strengthen our immunity and avoid diseases.

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2. Avoiding outside food and junk food –

We should avoid the consumption of junk food, outside food, and packaged food, they are very harmful to our health and do not contain any kind of nutrients. This is the level of cholesterol in our body
that can be unbalanced. Things outside are not done with cleanliness which can sometimes lead to illness. Many times, when there is a lot of crowd in eating places like hotels, and restaurants, there is someone infected.
If the person is present, the droplets released from his screaming, and coughing can infect a healthy person. Junk food or outside food can harm us many times and can make us sick.

3. Consumption of home-made fiber-rich food –

Often whenever we fall ill after eating outside food, we miss home food. That’s why we should always eat home-cooked food, which is very healthy for our health. we all in our food
Nutrient-rich pulses and green vegetables should be eaten so that our immune system becomes strong and we stay away from diseases. We should eat fiber-rich food so that food can be easily digested and we can get all the nutrients.
It can easily enter the body, which strengthens our immune system. We should consume green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and pumpkin in the diet. Vegetables should be thoroughly cooked before cooking and outside
The lying things should be used only after keeping them in the sun for some time. Homemade food is prepared by washing it cleanly, which reduces the chances of getting sick.

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4. Avoid eating more than hunger –

One should never eat more than hungry, this not only increases our weight but also slows down our digestion process and food is not digested properly and our body is supplied with essential nutrients.
Due to this, our immune system can become weak and we can become infected with diseases. Therefore, we should take special care of food and drink during the corona period. Eat such food which can be easily digested.

5. Balanced amount of sugar and salt –

An unbalanced amount of sugar and salt is also very harmful to us. Excessive salt intake can make us suffer from high blood pressure and if we get infected with any other infectious disease, we need to take care of it. There could be a problem. Similarly, excessive consumption of sugar can increase the level of sugar in our blood. Most of the people suffering from corona infected person were suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes, due to which
His immune system was already weak and he was struggling to survive after being infected with an epidemic like Corona. Therefore, avoid consuming unnecessary amounts of salt and take it in balanced quantities, even if
Is it sugar or salt? A balanced diet helps us fight diseases like corona and avoid other infectious diseases, so special attention should always be paid to food and drink.

6. Excessive intake of juice and water –

Consumption of seasonal fruit juices provides us with energy as well as antioxidants and also keeps us hydrated. The amount of water in our body is very important. It Keeps Us Hydrated All Day As Omicron Symptoms of diarrhea have also been observed in some patients, so it does not allow dehydration in the body at that stage. Water is also a helpful substance in the digestion of food in our body and removes the toxic and harmful elements present in the body.

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7. Exercise and Yoga –

The lungs have been seen to be most affected in a person infected with the coronavirus. This virus directly attacks our lungs with cold and cough, that is why it is very important to do exercise and yoga.
Strengthens the lungs, and makes our immune system strong, making us able to fight against epidemics like a corona. To always be healthy, we must do yoga and exercise. So that we can avoid any disease.

Whether it is corona or any disease, the first step to avoid them depends on our diet, our living style, so take care of food and drink in daily life.

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