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Detox Your Body With Juice And Exercise

Detox Your Body With Juice And Exercise

There are several methods of detoxification. But mainly its principle is that we should adapt to nature and adopt a natural lifestyle.

Let’s know about some simple but very effective methods by which the toxins of the body are removed and the body is healthy.

1.) Lemonade in the morning –

Drink it immediately after waking up in the morning, that too on an empty stomach; First, take potable hot water, squeeze 1-2 limes in it and drink immediately. Drink as much as 1/2 glass. It has hundreds of benefits. There are many research papers on how morning lemon water benefits the whole body. It detoxifies the entire body as well as improves digestion. The immune system also benefits tremendously due to the abundance of vitamin C. The hot water in the morning immediately creates pressure on the toilet. This also clears the stomach early in the morning.
Also, you can take lemon water in the evening, but taking it on an empty stomach will be most beneficial. Apart from this, you can also drink 1 teaspoon of turmeric mixed with lukewarm water at any time of the day when the stomach is empty. Turmeric also has hundreds of benefits, increasing detoxification and immunity are the main ones.

2.) Citrus Fruit Juice –

Citrus fruit which we also call Musmi / Orange juice. It is also beneficial in the same way. Rather it can say that is more beneficial. Apart from Vitamin C, it also contains so many nutrients that the body benefits in many ways. There is a method in naturopathy that whenever someone has any kind of high fever, then for 2 days, only citrus fruit juice, pineapple juice, and coconut water should be drunk every 1-1.5 hours. This is such a beneficial method that with its help, fever can be cured at the fastest speed. Therefore, if available, juice should be drunk daily or 2-3 fruits should be eaten directly.

3.) Raw natural food –

This is always the best way to stay healthy. Detoxification is a part of health and both run simultaneously.
If we eat at least 60-80% of our diet only and only raw and natural, then we will never fall ill. And even if there is an infection from outside, our immune system will have so much potential that it will be easily cured of that disease and infection. Digestion, Detoxification, and Health go together. What we eat has a direct effect on all kinds of biochemical functions of our body. So it is a tremendous way for all these things.
There are many types of raw and natural fruits such as fruits, vegetables that can be eaten raw, and seasonal fruits which are available in different seasons. Seasonal fruits should be enjoyed to the fullest because they contain tremendous nutrients and are especially good to adapt to that season. For example, guava has twice the amount of vitamin C as an orange.
If you want to know a good diet plan then there is a well-known diet plan called “DIP Diet”. This diet plan is best for people of all ages and this diet plan is completely based on this principle. In my personal opinion, everyone should follow the DIP diet plan, especially the elderly. This diet plan is available on the Internet and on YouTube.
Keep in mind that the food should be in raw form, and should not be cooked in any way. If there is an aged person who has problems with chewing or does not have teeth, then light steaming of fruits or vegetables can be done.

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4.) Exercise /Yoga /Pranayama /Walking etc. –

When we do exercise /yoga /pranayama /walking or this kind of exercise then there are many good chemical changes that cause detoxification of the body.
One of them is to take deep breaths. Deep breathing increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and decreases the amount of CO2. The reason for this is that the amount of carbonic acid in our body is usually due to CO2. When we breathe rapidly, carbonic acid is converted into CO2 in the blood, and immediately enters the lungs through the bloodstream.
Overall, the pH value of our body starts increasing. With such practice every day, our body gradually starts changing into an alkaline medium. Which improves the chemical and biochemical functions of the whole body and changes in a very tremendous way.
So every type of exercise whether it is exercise or yoga or pranayama or normal walking.
Apart from this, we also benefit in many ways. It has a very positive effect on our brain. All these reduce stress, many hormones come out which make us happy, and positivity increases. As a result of this our immunity increases.
Because today there are many research papers that prove that due to stress/anger / or any other kind of negativity, the amount of toxins in our body starts increasing and it has a profound effect on our body. We have all seen how a stressed person tends to lean even after getting the diet right. Sometimes he also falls ill. So if we do this type of exercise daily then the toxins in our body will be reduced and due to positivity and enjoyment, our body will release chemicals that will enhance our immunity in a powerful way.

5.) Walking/Running barefoot on the ground or grass –

This is called grounding/earthing. This is a tremendous way to keep your body healthy.
The surface of the Earth is considered negatively charged, and in comparison, the ionosphere in the atmosphere is considered positively charged. Thus research has also proved that there is a voltage between the ground and the ionosphere, which is stated to be 7 volts. In this way, electrons naturally try to rise above the surface of the Earth. When our bare feet or hands or any other body part comes in contact with the ground, those extra electrons reach directly into our body. It happens that the acid and free radicals in our body start saturating slowly and gradually the body starts to become alkaline or Basic. Meaning the pH value of the body starts increasing. Which is very good for health. And this leads to detoxification. It is considered best if the pH value of the body is around 7. It is considered acidic when it is below 6 or 6, due to which there are many problems in the body, one of which is also considered to be cancer. This is why they are all linked to toxins. And it is believed that the toxins in the alkaline medium cannot survive. Therefore we need to convert the body into an alkaline medium. Therefore we should come in contact with the land for half an hour every day on bare feet or empty hands or in any other way. Doing this before or after eating food every night, greatly benefits the body, especially indigestion. You can do another simple and necessary task, you do gardening and spend time taking care of your plants every day. You will automatically come into contact with the soil and your stress will also be reduced by going near the plants. Apart from this you can also do a tree planting program for the environment; After planting, plants need to be taken care of for a few years to turn them into big trees, it will automatically come into contact with the land and the tree relieves stress from the smell of the plants, it was also proven in research. Is in Japan. And this will also benefit the environment greatly and by doing this work you will also get happiness and satisfaction, which will have a positive effect in life.

6.) No to Every Processed food, sugar, and acidic food –

Naturopathy has a term used, for acidic food. This means that food which increases acid in our body and makes our body environment acidic. Such is the food –
All kinds of processed and packed food, meat, non-vegetarian, diary products especially those which are packed, jersey cow’s milk, cross-breed cow’s milk and meat, refined sugar and all kinds of foods, etc. You do not need to eat something that is not natural. This acidic food category also includes excessive drinking and excessive smoking.
Only and only natural food that is also raw, is the only food that can keep us healthy in the most effective way. And the first thing to do is to first eliminate the sugar. Now if you are thinking that fruits are also sweet, they also contain sugar. But there is another type of sugar in them called fructose which is present in a certain amount in fruits, so even if we eat more fruits, we get the benefit. Refined sugar contains excessive glucose, which causes many problems when taken in excess, one of which is diabetes type 2. Fructose, which is in fruits, reduces the amount of glucose in the body and also reduces the problem of diabetes. That’s why eat fruits without inhibition. which can prevent you from making toxins in your body. The more you connect with nature, the healthier you will be.

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7.) A Simple Solution for Pesticides –

A question will also come that if we eat so much of the raw fruits/vegetables, then the pesticides (which are added in) will also come in them. So it can also harm. A good, cheap and simple solution is baking soda or eating soda. Take water first and make a solution of 1 percent baking soda in it 1% means that if you take 1 liter of water, take 10 grams of baking soda, if you take 3 liters of water, add 30 grams of baking soda to it, and dissolve it properly. Then immerse all the fruits and vegetables in it for 15 minutes. About 80-90% of pesticides are eliminated in these 15 minutes. Some types of insecticides also remove 97%. In this way, you can prevent toxins from entering the body.
One more thing is that if pesticides go into our body, then due to the good and alkaline environment of the body, they are also quickly released. So there is negligible risk to us from it. Also, if we make our lifestyle natural then the effect of these things becomes negligible.

Summary – Overall, we need to adopt a natural lifestyle. We are children of nature and we should not weaken by dissolving the poison in our bodies and making it unnatural.
If we do everything natural from our food to our walk, then we will be able to fight every disease. And Detoxification will not be an issue for us, it will be very good on its own.
Today there are many doctors, scientists, and researchers on the internet who tell a variety of natural methods which are very good. Join them, learn and also tell loved ones around you.
Everybody now needs to be health-conscious. In nature, there are all things available to strengthen us, just we have to learn to understand and use them. Ayurveda was a very effective technique. We have to learn to understand our body language on our own. What suits the body and what doesn’t What is beneficial for the body and what is harmful. We have to be physically and mentally aware. now is the time,
To come back to Mother Nature.

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