January 28, 2023


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Is dating a relationship ?

Is dating a relationship

In every person’s life, a phase comes when he/she starts to feel lonely and down-hearted and starts to find a potential partner for them. Some call them life partners, some soulmates. At first, people start to date another person to know about them and to understand their relationship attachment style, and if everything goes right then go for a committed relationship.

What is dating?

Dating is the initial phase when two people meet and do some activity together, be it fun or something else. You can date more than one person at a time. You can get some experience, you don’t have big expectations from the other person and also you are not bounded by any sort of commitment. The person you are dating is not as important to you and you can give more priority to family, friends, etc.

What is a relationship?

When you get committed to someone and they become your priority, you may be in live-in or married but have to give time and commitment to your partner. It is more of a responsibility than fun. Yes, you can do fun things together but in a relationship, you have to take each other seriously. You both take care of each other’s needs and wants and try to be there for each other always.

History and Modern view of dating:

Dating a person of the opposite sex dates back to ancient times. Though in the ancient era, dating was not much in culture. People of the opposite sex were married for various purposes like business relations, reproduction, fulfillment of sexual urges, keeping the pedigree line growing, etc. As time changed, women started revolting for rights of their own unlike before when women were treated as objects of desire and lust. They started taking an active part in education, voting, and many other social activities. They went against their parent’s will for marriage. They demanded the right to choose their partner. At the same time, men also started understanding the views of women and saw marriage not just as a source of reproduction but also as a matter of compatibility between two people. They started to hang out with someone they liked to know them better. After which they decided to marry or not. Dating became more and more common in various countries of Europe which then later spread to other parts of the world. Lovers wrote letters and waited for days and even months to get a reply to that letter. But still, during that time, dating was not encouraged enough and lovers met in privacy to avoid the prying eyes of people. Society saw them as traitors who have lost their own self and reason for existence.

In modern-day times, dating has changed significantly. It has become a piece of cake for everyone. From teenagers to people with age above 60 are seen going out with people of the opposite sex. Heartbreaks have become a common thing unlike in ancient times when dating was seen as a responsibility to fulfill till the end of life. Some date for fun, some for their sexual desires. However, there are some people who eventually meet their better half and decide to spend their whole life together. Love letters are no more in practice. People freely spend quality time together at restaurants, theaters, parks, etc. There are least restrictions and society has started accepting it as a phase in everyone’s life. People now bother less about marrying and just like to spend time and find a perfect match before committing to marriage.

Influence of technology on modern-day dating:

With the advancement in science and the introduction of various devices to people, technology has a great influence on dating. In earlier times, people used to write love letters to people they loved. In today’s world, the other person is just a phone call away from the other. Mobile phones have given you the privilege of talking to your love for hours long. The introduction of the internet and various applications has allowed people to see each other’s faces even when they are far away from each other. No one writes love letters now. We all are dependent on our mobile phones and the internet to talk to our special ones.

There are also various applications and websites that help you find your partner. You just have to fill in your details and what you look for in your partner and those websites will find a match according to your preferences.

Pros of dating a person:

1. You get someone with whom you can share your feelings, thoughts, and past stories. You will share your mutual feelings

2. You get to know and learn some new experiences from the other person.

3. You get someone with whom you can both build a career and chill.

4. You have a new person whom you can invite to family gatherings and meetups.

5. Now, your Christmas will be more memorable.

6. You can try your new dresses and try out new fashion trends if get bored with your joggers.

7. Someone of another gender confirms you are appealing to them.

8. New intimacy and romance are also soul-fulfilling experiences and if you find someone special then you don’t have to date again.

Cons of dating a person:

1. Dating has equal chances of getting heartbreak and if not work out then it becomes a horrible experience.

2. If you both have different mindsets and beliefs then may your conversations clash and turn into an argument.

3. Dating can be costly sometimes especially, when you go for expensive food, things, hotels, etc.

4. If another person is numb and cold then chances are your feelings get hurt.

5. They might be toxic and friendly.


Dating is really pleasurable and mostly for those who want to gain some experience in this field like what they like and what don’t in other people. It’s not such a bad thing as people today have notions about it. What really wrong with dating is that people tend to expect many things from their partners which if not fulfilled, they lose heart and also trust in people and true love. If you are dating someone, don’t expect or commit to that relationship firsthand before knowing the other person completely. For youngsters, it is proved to be more fruitful as they are already in the learning phase but as human beings grow older they tend to settle down and want to further expand their generation. Thus, they go for a committed relationship and for marriage to have a happy family in their old age phase. However, this committed relationship should not get toxic with time and both partners should learn to compromise and coordinate with each other’s choices. Moreover, there should be respect for one another as no relationship or marriage can survive for long without it.


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