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Codeigniter is a framework of PHP. Codeigniter is based on Model, View, and Controller (MVC). Models are where we write the programming logic and functionality of the database. In the scene, we design. It works as communication between HTML and controller model view, it is a lightweight framework, you can download it from the official website of Codeigniter.
Its size is very less, and the speed of this framework is very fast, which takes less load on the server. Codeigniter provides your user manual by reading which you can use Codeigniter easily.
If you face any problem in Codeigniter programming you will find its solution in StackOverflow.

What is Framework –

The framework uses the built-in library if we have created a function and have to use it again and again if it is said in simple language, simple language, within 7-8 lines of code of the framework Instead, get the job done in one line of code.
In this way, we can easily manage the coding.

Installation – You can easily install it, to install the Xampp server on your pc, then paste the Codeigniter file in the htdocs folder of Xampp, then the welcome message of Codeigniter will show you, that means your Codeigniter run It is done.

File Structure –

The main application, system folders, in Codeigniter are the folders inside these applications, we use them to build web applications. We will be using the same file which is required to build the web application. Here we are going to tell about the use of some files which are as follows.

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1. Config file – config folder contains config files where we can provide the base URL, using this index. does not appear in the URL.
2. Routes – Here we define the routes of the URL, here we define the location of the URL, here we define the routes of the controller and we can name the URLs according to our own rules.
3. Autoload – We use autoload to load libraries. Here the library is autoloaded, we don’t need to load the library again and again.
4. Database – In the database file, we use the URL, password, username, etc. for the local host or server to connect to the database. Then we store the data given by the user in the database.
We do. The database is very important for our website.
5. Hook – Using a hook we can perform any one action. We can use a hook with class, function, filename, etc. The hook can be used before or after the controller call. To use hooks you need to enable hooks by going to the config file. Then in hooks.php, you can define hooks.

Why should we use Codeigniter –

1. Codeigniter is very lightweight due to which it takes very less load on the server.

2. Easy for beginners as it can be learned easily. You can create small and medium projects using this framework.

3. The documentation of Codeigniter is quite good, you can easily learn to use Codeigniter by reading it. In this, everything is explained in a basic way.

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4. If you want to build a project very quickly, then Codeigniter is a good option for that. In this, you can make a good project in less time.

5. Coding is done in a very simple way. You can reduce the line of coding by using libraries.

Codeigniter for Blogging – You can create a web application for blogging using Codeigniter. It is URL friendly and helps in search engine optimization.
You can do good website designing using HTML and Bootstrap, CSS, and Javascript. You can easily compress CSS and HTML using the Hooks library.

Advantages of Codeigniter –

1. If you do not have knowledge of MVC in Codeigniter then you can use core PHP coding in it.
2. Codeigniter is easy to understand as compared to other PHP frameworks, you can customize and extend it as you like, Codeigniter’s structure and coding are very easy to understand.
3. You get huge community support in Codeigniter so that if any bug comes then you will get community support.
4. If you want to move from one server to another then you can easily migrate.
5. You can create a new function in Codeigniter, it will not damage any files in Codeigniter.

Disadvantages of Codeigniter –

1. Codeigniter is not pure object-oriented.
2. ORM facilities are not there in Codeigniter.
3. The security of Codeigniter is not good as compared to Laravel.
4. Template engine facility is not available in Codeigniter.
5. Namespace and code generation facilities are not available in Codeigniter.

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