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Codeigniter vs WordPress

Codeigniter vs WordPress

WordPress –

If you do not have much knowledge of coding and you have to build a website in 10 minutes, then you have to use WordPress. You only need to install themes and plugins WordPress includes PHP and SQL. WordPress is like software, you can easily create a website using WordPress, and you can easily download WordPress, along with that you will also have to install Xampp. You have to paste WordPress into the Xampp Htdocs of the C file.


When you search WordPress on google. Then you will click on the first website and the second website

then you will get open source code You will get the coding of WordPress, you can upload this code to your hosting, here you can set everything by coding yourself, and the domain hosting will be yours, you can create whatever you want and in, you already have everything, you can easily create a website by drag and drop. WordPress hosting is not required, it will be created by creating a subdomain and your website will be created easily if you fully customize if you want a fully customized website, So you have to use, you can download the WordPress file from and upload it wherever you have purchased the hosting. and the database file also has to be uploaded. And if you want, the hosting company also provides the facility to install WordPress. You do not have to do anything, just go to the hosting website and install WordPress. But it would be better to download and host a WordPress file than go to the hosting website and install WordPress, as you can easily upload WordPress data to another hosting company when you change hosting. Plugin coding in WordPress is in PHP You can use the WordPress plugin as much as the feature is provided. If you want to optimize completely, then you guys should have knowledge of coding.


The disadvantage of WordPress –

Some things are free here, but most plugins are paid here, you have to pay for good themes and in the beginning, you will not pay because you do not make any money. If you are initially asked to buy a plugin, you will have problems.
If you are using a free plugin, if there is a problem or if there is a data leak, then it will not be the responsibility of the creator of the plugin. The free plugin can also be for a part-time business, which you do not. Can be used on your business website because the free plugin can have a problem at any time.
The plugin may contradict your website, you may not even know how much resort your website has, so you cannot rely solely on the plugin. Because the plugin is developed by another developer.
Cannot do high-level custody in WordPress and if you use the plugin, the website may be at risk of being hacked. The backend cannot be under your control, the plugin slows down the speed of your website because it takes more RAM.

Codeigniter –

It is SEO-friendly and its speed is faster than WordPress. The framework in which you already get libraries, and functions that help to complete website development faster, PHP CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework. They are also lightweight. It has to reduce coding due to which it takes less load on the server.
Websites run fast. These are very easy to learn.

Codeigniter uses fewer resources. –

You can use the hook library to compress CSS and javascript. You can host a Codeigniter project on any hosting website. This is a very good framework for creating medium and small web applications. Codeigniter documentation is very good, you can easily learn Codeigniter It uses very few resources. Being lightweight, the website performs well in the original hosting plan. Here you can control the website completely. Creating a website in core PHP requires a lot of coding, but the PHP framework makes our work easier. The email function is very difficult to use in PHP, but PHP The framework makes our work easier, everything in it is pre-determined, and all we need to do is use the function. Php is used extensively for website development and e-commerce, blogging websites. Codeigniter uses the MVC pattern. By using the MVC pattern, we can easily detect the error and the problem. MVC means that whatever the business logic is, it will be on the controller. To fetch a record of the database on the model. Here, we add, update, delete, and design tasks in the scene. Codeigniter gives you good security

The disadvantage of Codeigniter –

1. You should have knowledge of coding only then you can create a dynamic website.
2. The Codeigniter is not completely object-oriented, yet some parts are PHP-based.
3. Inbuilt user authentication is not fully available.
4. Template engine not found in Codeigniter

Frequently asked questions

Question- Which is better CodeIgniter or WordPress?

Answer – WordPress is the number one CMS (content management system) in the world. Many websites and blogs that use this forum are already. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used by bloggers, small businesses, and large companies easily. WordPress is easy to use, better structures. For blogging, WordPress is the best platform, so you should choose WordPress.

Question- Does WordPress use CodeIgniter?

Answer –  WordPress and Codeigniter are both different platforms. WordPress does not use Codeigniter Framework. But WordPress uses PHP language. There are thousands of free and commercial plugins that expand the functionality of WordPress. However, because our users are very high in the development of their websites, so we need to develop a system that will allow them to independently manage the content of your site.

Question- Is WordPress better than PHP?

Answer – WordPress is written in PHP and PHP is a server-side programming language. Thus, it is hard to say that one is better than the other. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and PHP is a programming language. While WordPress is not a programming language, it uses PHP to create and store content. As WordPress can be used to run multiple sites on one installation, it is a little hard to compare it to PHP.

Question-  Web Development: Which one is faster, secure, and reliable – WordPress or Codeigniter?

Answer – 

Codeigniter- Codeigniter is a powerful and lightweight PHP framework. Here web applications can be easily created with the help of the Codeigniter framework. It helps programmers to develop applications rapidly in less time. It is most popular for developing small web applications and PHP-based CMS.

WordPress –WordPress can be a great tool for many businesses. Bloggers use it to power their blogs. E-commerce stores use it to sell their goods. Property agents use it to display properties. it can also be a major part of any business IT strategy and can provide benefits beyond the obvious.
WordPress as a part of your business IT strategy and then look at some of the ways you can use WordPress to grow your business.

Codeigniter is more secure than WordPress. Because in this we do the coding ourselves, but the coding of WordPress is done by some other developer.

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