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Can We Build Muscle Without Whey Protein

Can We Build Muscle Without Whey Protein

Yes, you can make a body without whey protein,-

which you take from the diet, the same whey protein is there. supplements help you 10% -20% only. The protein you are taking from whey protein, you can also take from a normal diet.
Whey protein is only an add-on to your diet. It depends on our lifestyle whether we are able to fulfill our protein source or not. If you have a busy schedule and you are not able to complete the protein source with a normal diet then you can use whey protein.
You can take any nutrition that is missed by your diet, such as vitamins, Omega-3-fatty acid, fiber, Amino acids, minerals, protein, etc. It becomes difficult to eat a complete diet every day, so we use whey protein.

Without whey protein, you can also have muscle build-up. It has been 3 years since I started a gym, and I have not used protein powder to date.

Can We Build Muscle Without Whey Protein

You need protein, carbs, and fat to build muscle. If you are taking complete from the normal diet then you do not need whey protein because all your nutrition is getting complete by diet.
Now it depends on your target. If you are doing a job you just want to be fit. Do you do the modeling or are you highly active like a sportsman?

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If you do the job, then you do not have any need. You can make a good body only with a normal diet

You can also build a good body without supplementation. Use the supplement when you want to increase your performance and when you have built your body up to a level, but you have to become better and go beyond one level, then you use whey protein Otherwise, without whey protein, you can also achieve a good body. There are many people who have made a good body without protein powder. If you want to complete the protein source, then you can also eat soy chunks, in which the amount of protein is high.

For muscle building, definitely buy the diet given below, that too at a low price

100 grams of soya chunk contains 52 grams of protein. If you want, you can also eat soya bean seed, You keep it in water at night then you can eat it in the morning. It can also be called a complete protein. It has a low-fat percentage, so you can digest it easily. Which would be whey protein They are 100% digestible and are absorbed but soya beans can absorb only 70 – 80 percent but digestion is easy.
It is much cheaper than whey protein, you can eat it for muscle building. You can use it post-meal. Take it only in the amount of 20-30 grams.

Many people say that after a workout whey gets absorbed quickly by taking protein

whereas there is nothing that in last depends on how much protein you take throughout the day and what your diet is. whey protein contains enzymes due to which it absorbs quickly whereas if you want then a natural diet also contains an enzyme that helps in digesting your food. Many people think that they can make a body with whey protein, whereas it is not so that you can easily make your body with a high-quality diet.
In this way, for people who are taking whey protein, there will be no difference in you. You can build a physique without supplements but you cannot build without nutrition. If the body had been formed from supplements, everyone would have made a body today. You give 100% to your diet and workout. You can easily build a good body, that too in just three months. Mass gainer should not be used, it will only increase your stomach and not muscle.

Can We Build Muscle Without Whey Protein

When we go to the gym, we are asked to take protein powder

while our body does not need protein powder it is also said that in 2 months your body will become double. Whereas nothing like this happens. Many times we take supplements that harm our bodies. Do a good workout in the gym and your milk, banana, lentils all have a good amount of protein. You can also use dry fruits. Which are the best protein source for our muscles. Big sportsmen also eat bananas during matches.

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