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Can exercise effectively treat your anxiety

can exercise effectively treat your anxiety

*Can Exercise Effectively Treat Your Anxiety?*

The answer is yes

And not only this but in a very effective way. Those who do exercise/gym/yoga also have enough experience in it. But since we are talking specifically about physical exercise, then it would be appropriate to talk only about exercise/gym here.

We know hundreds of physical benefits of exercise, and there are thousands of research papers available that show how much exercise has many benefits for our body. But there is very little research related to what effect and how much effect exercise has on our brain.

And a lot of research is still going on. Since the brain is one of the most complex things known to us, it is also difficult to gather information about the effects of exercise on the brain and draw conclusions from them. But today modern technology has given many instruments through which we are able to understand the functions of the brain.

A lot of essential data is being gathered through INSAB. Some statistics are based on people’s candid experiences and some statistics are based on scientific data.

Let us know some of these essential things which directly prove that through the exercise we can increase the capacity of our brain and keep a very good balance in the brain.

  •  Many chemical reactions start happening rapidly at the time of exercise. As a result, certain chemicals are released, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Noradrenaline These are the chemicals that make us happy, and due to which the mental and emotional balance is maintained. A blissful experience remains and it lasts for a long time. Due to this, our mood improves immediately, with the beginning of the first day, all these changes start coming and they can also be felt. These chemicals improve common but harmful problems like loneliness and mood swings. There is an increase in the confidence of the person because along with his mental balance, physical balance also increases. The person already starts feeling healthy and fit and he feels it.


  •  In very important research, it has been found that due to good exercise, the formation of brand new cells in the hippocampus (memory storage), a part of the brain, starts increasing, due to which its volume also starts increasing; Its biggest advantage is that our long term memory gets better with time. This also increases the confidence of the person.


  • Along with this, the network of the brain also grows and gets better. The level of neurotransmitters rises rapidly; Due to the increase in the level of neurotransmitters, there is an increase in the ability of the brain to maintain a good mood for a long time. All this results in tremendous growth and improvement in our memory, self-confidence, productivity, and focus. Thousands of new brain cells are created due to 3-4 weeks of running or this type of high-impact exercise, which helps us to stay focused and increase our ability to adapt to change. Exercise causes many changes in the anatomy, physiology, and functions of the brain, thereby increasing the capacity of the overall brain.


  •  Running or other activities not only train our body but our brain is also trained. These are exercises that train our bodies to cover and recover from pain. Due to this the determination, focus, adaptivity, willpower, self-control, confidence, the self-esteem of the person increase in the present. And the beginning of this growth can be felt from day one. All these increase the person’s ability to bear physical and mental pain and fatigue.
    With such exercise, the quality of our sleep increases and is good. One feels even more energetic and has an increased focus and emotional boost.


  •  The benefits of barefoot walking/running on mud or grassy land are even greater. There are many reasons for this like coming under direct pressure on the acupressure area, there are many physical benefits due to grounding/earthing effect, etc. Due to this, the mental level of the person improves even more rapidly. After getting mental stability and balance, the person does not have any problems like anxiety. Therefore, every day 15-20 minutes should be spent in contact with the soil. Walking after meals also helps indigestion.


  •  Another fundamental reason why more positivity comes from regular exercise; Because exercise also brings rapid changes in our bodies. Physical changes are visible on the outside and they are not visible on the inside. Due to both types of changes, almost all the parts of our body start functioning much better. As a result, our face glows and glows, our digestion improves, sometimes incurable problems are also cured, apart from this, skin problems also improve, bodyweight is more or less, it is proper after exercise. When it comes to weight, we not only get fit but we look fit too. Exercise can have innumerable benefits and because of all these direct or indirect benefits, all kinds of direct and indirect positivity start coming in us. This has a tremendously positive effect on all the actions of a person.


An exercise is a great tool for physical balance as well as mental balance. This problem like anxiety and other mental problems can be dealt with.


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