Body Transformation Without Protein Powder

When you start the gym, you are asked to take protein powder. Initially, our body is unable to absorb protein. The body can also be made from a natural diet. I have not used protein powder and today my body is at a good level. You can build a body without protein powder, but without good nutrition, you cannot build a good body. Because 20% protein powder helps to build your muscle but 80% depends on your day’s diet.

Many people think that we will make a body by taking protein powder. However, it is not like that. Protein powders can be used when you are not able to meet your day-to-day calories from a normal diet, then protein powders help you complete that missed nutrition. If you are fulfilling your protein source from a normal diet then you do not need protein powder at all.

Your body’s protein requirement should be fulfilled, it does not matter whether you are taking protein from a supplement or from the normal diet. The transformations you are seeing in the photo are the transformations I have done without protein powder.

Body Transformation Without Protein Powder

If you do the gym on a good diet, you can get good results in three months. You can build a good body without using protein. This is my two years of experience. And there will be no side effects in your body. Make a chart of your diet that what you want to eat in the morning, afternoon and night, you can eat more in the morning, you can eat soaked black gram, moong dal, and if possible then eat 4-5 almonds. Then you can eat lentils, take bread and vegetables And drink 3 to 4 liters of water in a day.
This will help digest your food and there will be no shortage of water in your body And water should never be drunk immediately after meals. It has a very bad effect and your food starts to rot instead of digesting and you may have stomach problems. Drink water only after half an hour after eating.

Body Transformation Without Protein Powder

You can grind flax seeds and drink them by mixing them with water. This will give you omega 3 fatty acids. We also get it from fish oil. You should also include oats in your diet. Eat peanut butter with brown bread. Dates will also help in your weight gain People who are obese eat a little more then their weight starts increasing, then obese people make a diet chart for themselves and after calculating their BMI (BMI Calculator), eat 500 calories less than what your calories are. Weight loss will be seen in three months, many people run and lose weight, but there is no power in their muscles, so they should also do weight training along with running. You can increase and reduce weight, just work out with a good diet and stop eating outside things.

Body Transformation Without Protein Powder

Obese people can lose weight by exercising and thin people can increase their weight by exercising, exercise can make a thin person fat and fat person thin.
There are different diets for obese people and different diets for thin people. If you want to gain weight according to your body, make a separate diet chart of it and if you want to lose weight, make a separate diet chart of it. In this way, work out in the gym with discipline and get enough sleep. Only then your body can transform. If you cannot do this then you are wasting both time and money.
You’ve got a life, now it’s up to you whether you want to keep your stomach fit or fill your stomach like other people. In this way, you only exercise in the gym with a good diet for one and a half hours. You will see a change in your body in 3 months. Once your body changes, you will feel very confident in yourself. You will feel daily excitement about your exercise. All you have to do is work out in the gym with a good diet. You can make a good body in 3 months.

Body Transformation Without Protein Powder

You do not need to take protein powder for a change without protein powder.  You can create a good physique with a protein diet. You will be more powerful and energetic than before. Stop eating fried food outside. You do not get any nutrition from it, but your body becomes useless and if you want to eat fast food then you can eat a little on Sunday. Next post, we will tell you how to increase and reduce your weight. We will also tell you what diet should be taken for obese people and what diet should be taken for thin people.

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