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Best Yoga For Mental Health

Best Yoga For Mental Health

Although there are many benefits of yoga, it is able to fill life with joy and energy and completely transform a person; that too only when you do the right yoga under the right guidance.
Circus is going on all over the world in the name of Yoga. By circus, it is understood that only the methods of twisting the body and doing difficult postures are considered yoga. Whereas yoga means to connect, that is a means of connecting man with God. It has many parts which are called Ashtanga Yoga. One of which is an asana which in the West is understood to be yoga, while it is only a part. A part of yoga is sadhana, meditation which is the main goal of yoga. The ability to sit still for a long time is necessary for meditation or sadhana. For this reason, asanas and hatha yoga are done so that one can sit for a long time keeping the body stable.
There are innumerable benefits of yoga. The main goal of yoga is liberation. But the needs of people with general will may also be limited. So they just need mental stability or general awareness, they don’t have any desire for deep meditation or sadhana, so yoga is very beneficial for them too. Yoga really gives the possibility of becoming a human being of a very high order. Its physical and mental benefits are only side benefits. That is, these are available only, apart from this man can develop himself to the very peak. But for this, he needs a yogi who is a true and qualified guru.

Some important instructions before doing yoga –

1.) Do yoga or meditation on an empty stomach or it will be good even if the stomach is a little full.
2.) Before yoga or meditation, one should defecate properly.
3.) Taking a bath before doing yoga or meditation is more beneficial.
4.) One should not stop in the middle of yoga, especially during meditation, ensure that no one interferes in the middle and creates obstacles.

You will find many degree/certificate holders who teach yoga, but yoga is a very subtle process, and it should be learned by the right, right person, otherwise, the benefit will be very less, and sometimes it may also cause physical and mental damage. She goes. Therefore, one should learn only from a yogi / enlightened / very good instructor.
Let us know some very powerful yoga for mental health –

(1.) Inner Engineering Program :

It is a powerful meditation process, taught by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (an enlightened Yogi). It is also available online in almost all languages. It consists of 7 episodes of 1:30 hours. This is a very effective meditation process. Some fee is charged for this. I personally find it to be the best meditation practice readily available. And by doing this today millions of people have realized the change in themselves. This has proved to be a life-changing program. When people are asked about the fee, everyone says that the fee charged in this process is very less than the cost of changing a person’s experience and life. So it is a very cheap expenditure for you. This brings mental calmness, and clarity, and the person becomes much more intelligent than before. Anger and irritability are reduced, as well as the problem of overthinking goes away completely and a life full of joy is experienced.

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(2.) Isha Kriya :

This is also a powerful process of meditation provided by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev Ji. But the difference is that it is available for free. And its video is also available on YouTube. There are videos for this in only 1-2 parts. This is simple meditation and it is also a very effective meditation process. It is not as intense as the inner engineering as it does not even have Satsang videos. But after watching this 2 part video, there is a lot of benefit from meditation. This also reduces overthinking and also reduces stress and anger. It is available on YouTube and Sadhguru app for free. The links to YouTube are given below in which the first video is in the English language and the second is in the Hindi language. The second video has two parts in which the first part “Isha Kriya” is explained in detail.

(3.) Pronunciation of (aum) :

(aum) It is made up of three letters; Aa + Oo + Me. Pronouncing it properly has tremendous mental and intellectual benefits. Om (aum) in yoga science is called the sound of the universe. Therefore it is considered a universal and most influential sound. The benefit of pronunciation is not only mental stability and clarity, but it is much more than that. In this, there is vibration in different parts of the body. Which we have to experience with full awareness. When “Aa” is uttered, a vibration is felt 1 inch inside the navel. Then when “oo” is pronounced, the vibration is felt in the empty space just below the ribs. After this, at the time of pronouncing “M”, a vibration is felt above the throat towards the brain. While pronouncing Om, “aa-oo-m” should be uttered in sequence and all three should be uttered for the same time, doing so will result in a cycle. This should be done at least 21 times. It should be done with eyes closed. It would be best to take help from the “Sadhguru app” to know about it.
Earlier there was no word like mental health in Indian culture and society because due to the abundance of spirituality here, problems like stress, depression, etc. Actually, it was not a problem at all. Today in the modern era, even after having all the facilities, people experience excessive stress, depression, etc. Due to an increase in atheism or decrease in spirituality, man experiences depression over small things. But all these tips will work for an atheist also.

(4.) Pranayam :

Pranayama is the process of doing yoga while sitting. This is one of those Ashtanga yogas. Many pranayamas also come under pranayama; Each has different benefits. This yoga practice is most popular in India. A big reason for this is that it can easily be done by old, sick, weak, or overweight people. and reap tremendous physical benefits. Many serious diseases are also cured with Pranayama, which also includes cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Since the discussion is based on mental health, its mental benefits are also very appreciable. Of course, Pranayama is not popular only because of its physical benefits. It is also popular because of its very effective mental health. Those who do Pranayama must experience peace and mental stability and clarity. The most famous yoga guru for Pranayama is Ramdev Ji. All his videos are available on YouTube. And because of them, the revolution has come back in India for Yoga and Pranayama. Along with this, crores of people have also benefited to date. This is a very simple yet effective process. Because while doing pranayama, one has to sit in one place and close the eyes. In this way, it becomes a kind of simple and short meditation process, due to which mental health is good, as well as physical benefits, are also good from it. The practice of yoga must be started with at least pranayama.

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(5.) Bhramhari Pranayama:

It is a type of pranayama. This pranayama has been specially developed for the brain itself. In this only “M” is pronounced. By doing this, there is a special effect due to vibration in the cranium. It is easily available on YouTube. Pranayama guided by Yoga Guru Ramdev ji will be the best. This calms the mind, as well as attains mental stability.

(6.) Surya Kriya :

This is a great form of Surya Namaskar. The only difference between these two is that one cycle of Surya Kriya is equal to 2 Surya Namaskars. There are 22 asanas in Surya Kriya while there are 12 asanas in Surya Namaskar. Similarly, its benefits are also wide. It not only brings physical balance and benefits but also gives mental stability and balance. Regular practice helps in getting rid of many physical and mental problems. The most important thing to note in this is that each of its rugs must be perfect. If you can’t be perfect but keep trying to be perfect. Therefore, there is a great need for proper guidance in this also. The word “Surya” has been used in its name because this hatha yoga is an effort to make our mind and body as bright, effective, and nutritious as the sun.
Surya Kriya is an offline teaching process, as the actual errors in the asanas are visible to a trainer in front of him, and he can try to correct them. In this also it is necessary that he should be a good instructor or he should be a true yogi. Surya Kriya increases power, strength, prudence, and brilliance, so it is necessary to do it exactly right, otherwise, it will give little or no benefit. Also, it is a game of breath. However, if anyone wants to learn from the video, then I am giving links to some videos. The first video is from “Surya Kriya”; The second is related to common errors in the asanas of Surya Namaskar. The second video is in the Hindi language.

(7.) Surya namaskar :

It is the short form of Surya Kriya. It is more famous than Surya Kriya. It consists of 12 asanas or steps. All its postures are also done in Surya Kriya, but in Surya Namaskar, all together form a circle. There are 2 cycles in Surya Kriya. Surya Namaskar is also very beneficial for mental and physical health. Mental health also depends to a great extent on physical health. We should not think of mind and body as separate, both are connected. And after all the brain is only a part of the body. But physical postures also have a limit. Learning without a coach has little benefit to both the body and the mind. Because trainers know that it is beneficial for both physical and mental health, they try to remove errors and teach through the right process, so that maximum benefit can be obtained. A video related to common errors of Surya Namaskar is given on the part of Surya Kriya. But still, the best benefit will come from learning from a very good instructor or Satya Yogi. Yoga be it hand yoga or dhyana (sadhana), only a yogi can teach you the best process.

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Conclusion :

Yoga is a great way to make life blissful. And the discovery and development of the science of yoga in India are considered to be the most important and biggest discovery for the development and welfare of mankind. And only because of this, India was once called “Vishwa Guru”. Because only by the use of the entire science of yoga, human consciousness and intelligence can be reached an extreme point. It has always been prosperous in India. But today, due to the arrogance of modernity, people have become superstitious about it. Without removing this misconception, the welfare of mankind and all the living beings on the earth cannot be imagined. Without it, problems like stress and depression are becoming very serious. Yoga is something to be learned and realized. Which cannot be expressed in words. It can only be experienced by doing. Yoga is also a continuous process, yoga requires continuous practice. At the same time, there is a parallel important issue that the best option is to learn yoga only from a good yoga-guru/instructor or from a self-realized yogi. Because they are specially made for them only. Therefore, do not do it by yourself and if you want to do it by yourself, then do a special study on the errors. This flawed thing is only for pranayama, hatha yoga, and asanas. For meditation, everyone has to learn from a special instructor or yogi. There is no substitute for meditation. There are mainly the above two points (Inner Engineering Program and Isha Kriya) for meditation. You can do any one of these yoga poses. But before doing it it is necessary to take the information. And while doing it should be done with full awareness and attention so that the benefits are maximum. Since yoga not only provides inner peace, mental stability, clarity, etc., but it has the ability to greatly increase human consciousness; Therefore, if anyone has a desire to learn to do deep meditation, then by contacting Sadguru Ji isha yoga center, he can learn by going to the centers. Or you can learn from another yogi.
Today man has all the facilities but still, it has become more difficult to be cheerful and happy. This means that mankind must be making a fundamental mistake. That is to distance yourself from yoga and spirituality. Let us understand the real meaning of yoga, and make this world inclusive through yoga. So that all human beings can live in peace and joy like brothers.

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