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Best Exercise For Healthy Heart

Best Exercise For Healthy Heart

“A healthy mind develops in a healthy body.” This proverb is very famous in India. Well, even if one’s attention is only on health, even then one does not need to pay attention to the health of his heart. But if we are talking about the elderly or if there is a heart patient, then the matter becomes a little different. Then hard exercise/gym etc. is not appropriate for them. Nevertheless, there are some exercises and means of yoga that are especially beneficial for heart patients. If someone has already been exercising or doing gym daily, then he is less likely to get heart disease; Then that exercise or activity can be continued for such people. But if someone is currently a heart patient, then he should do the right exercise or yoga only after taking the information. Generally, the part of asana and hatha yoga in yoga is not considered suitable for heart patients. But there are such parts of yoga-like pranayama, meditation, etc. which are excellent for heart disease as well as all of them keep the person mentally healthy as well. Being mentally healthy means that there is less or no depression, stress, etc. Stress and depression also make heart disease fatal. Let us know some exercises that keep heart health good.

1.) Pranayama:

Pranayama is one of the eight parts of Ashtanga Yoga (Total Yoga). It is simple and wonderful. Pranayama is made up of two words, Prana + Ayam. Prana means Jiva i.e. life, and Ayam means its different levels and forms. Pranayama means that such action which helps in taking the life of a person to a higher dimension. Pranayama is similar to a short meditation process. Along with this, it has a wonderful effect on health due to the special breathing processes in it. In this, long long breaths are taken and exhaled, due to this gradually increasing the amount of oxygen in the body and decreasing the amount of CO, the overall pH value of the body starts decreasing. Due to this, the body can cure many diseases on its own. One of which is heart disease. Apart from this, heart disease can also be avoided. It is a wonderful thing how crores of people have been cured of these big and deadly diseases every day with simple pranayama yoga. And most of the Indian people have learned from it only through Baba Ramdev Ji. There are good videos of his pranayama available on youtube. Pranayama which is highly beneficial in heart disease are: Kapalbharti, Anulomavilom, Bhastrika and Agnisara Pranayama. Heart patients should especially do Pranayama. Even for those who are not sick, Pranayama is very beneficial and they are saved from almost all kinds of diseases.

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2.) Walking :

Walking comes as a very beneficial exercise. Whether it is a heart patient or a person suffering from diabetes or a healthy person, it is beneficial for everyone just like Pranayama. (Though pranayama is best for those who are unable to walk.) The benefits of walking are also so many that it is difficult to count. A small example can be seen that our ancestors used to walk much more than us, but due to lack of facilities. As a result, they suffered from very few diseases and lived long lives. At the same time, in today’s generation, the youth are getting big diseases. Apart from this, it has also been found in many types of research that those who walk daily live a longer life than those who run daily. If you walk in a clay or grassy place without shoes or slippers, then its benefits can increase even 10 times. Since this will be a separate topic, you will need to do a separate search to know about it. It is also interesting to know about the mental benefits of walking. It has also been found in research that if someone feels stress or depression if he walks for 10-15 minutes, then stress/depression can be got rid of in less time. In this way, if someone is a heart patient, he can walk, and keep in mind that like other exercises, the capacity and distance should be increased gradually and not suddenly. Apart from this, a healthy person will not only benefit from this, but also he will be very less likely to get this type of fatal disease in the future.

3.) Running :

This is a high-impact exercise. It is not suitable for a heart patient, but it can prove to be the strongest shield against heart disease for a healthy patient. Because it causes rapid changes in the body, whether in the muscles or in the pH value of the body. Due to such rapid change, whenever you start it slowly and gradually increase its capacity and distance. Otherwise, it increases the chances of injury. Due to more rapid changes, internal injury to the body such as pulling of a muscle, nerve, or tendon occurs. Therefore, gradually increase the capacity without causing much pain to the body. Running is one of the most popular hard workouts. Due to running, the body also starts coming in the right weight faster. One who runs, the chances of getting diabetes and heart disease are very less, or in other words negligible. Apart from this, the person doing barefoot running can also get 10 times more benefits than barefoot walking in the same shoes. For this also you will need to search separately. Barefoot running requires determination and the ability to gradually increase. Also, it is not suitable for overweight or obese people. But it is always said that whoever has done barefoot running even once/twice, does not want to run again wearing shoes. Therefore, running can prove to be a tremendous exercise to prevent heart disease.

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4.) Surya Kriya or Surya Namaskar:

It is part of hatha yoga of yoga. It is also known as a complete exercise. Because if it is done in a proper way, it gives the benefits of physical exercise, pranayama, and meditation. Surya Namaskar is the more famous, which consists of a cycle of 12 asanas. Surya Kriya consists of a cycle of 22 asanas. All asanas are similar in Surya Namaskar and Surya Kriya, but the difference is that one cycle of Surya Kriya is equal to two cycles of Surya Namaskar. For this reason, Surya Kriya is more difficult but beneficial than Surya Namaskar. Because it has to do asanas like two cycles of Surya Namaskar without stopping. Both of these are very helpful in the prevention of heart disease. But like running, these two are not considered suitable for heart patients. Because of this too much physical effort has to be done.

5.) Skipping:

This is also a beneficial exercise like running. The difference is that it can be done in one place. Also, its effect on the muscles is different. This also improves the balance a lot. It can also be difficult and less appropriate for heart patients. But a healthy person has a lot of benefits from doing regular exercise. It can be a good weapon to prevent heart disease.

6.) Other Exercises and Posture:

Almost all types of exercises and asanas are beneficial. Especially to prevent heart disease. Before doing any exercise or asana, complete information should be taken. Or learn from a good instructor who understands the importance of nuances so that internal injuries to the body that occur during practice can be avoided. Do it only if a simple exercise or asana is said to be best for heart patients.

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Because this topic is sensitive. We should choose exercise or yoga for heart disease only after considering it. It is necessary to be clear that for what purpose the one who needs to exercise wants to do it? What is his current physical condition? e.t.c. If someone is currently a heart patient, he needs to understand whether his body is capable of working harder or not. The body of most heart patients is not suitable for this. The biggest reason for this is that the power of his heart is low. That is, the heart cannot transmit that much blood to other parts of the body when it is needed by the body. At the same time, the body has also become weak. Therefore the best remedy for them is “Pranayama” and “Walking”. With this, activity can be done without putting much pressure on the body. At the same time, both of them (pranayama and walking) are also very good for healthy people (without heart disease) and only benefit them. That is, it can be said that both pranayama and walking are good actions for all people and people of all age groups and they can be done for the purpose of both prevention and treatment of heart disease.

Apart from this, the exercises of running, Surya Kriya, Surya Namaskar, skipping, and other exercises and asanas are suitable only for a healthy person and not for a heart patient. Therefore, the above exercises should be done only for the purpose of prevention of heart disease and not for the purpose of treatment of heart disease.

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