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Awareness of Cyber Security

Cyber Security

In the present situation, the term ‘Cyber Security’ becomes a major aspect because there are several cybercrimes happening around the world. Since every important data is now stored on the internet servers it sometimes becomes a problem for us because of hacking, phishing, and other cybercrimes. We should be aware of the cyber threat that we can get into the trap of hackers.

Awareness of Cyber Security must be important for everyone because everything is turning Digital, Digital World is transforming every day as cyber threats. In this article, we will discuss Cyber Security and its problems regarding them.

What are the Cyber Security threats we can face if we are not aware of them?

Banking frauds –

Nowadays banking fraud has become a major problem across the world, people get into the trap of banking fraud in the name of schemes, fake messages in the name of banks, sharing the details of accounts,s and many other reasons for banking fraud, scams. There are many bank fraud cases registered regularly, many people lose their money due to the fraud.

Social media –

Currently, a huge amount of people are connected on social media but few of them become victims of cyber fraud due to the unawareness of people they face many problems. Hackers can use their important chats or information and use photos or videos for blackmailing purposes. There are thousands of cases registered every day of social media account hacks.

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Fraud software and applications –

There are millions of software and applications but many of them are fraudulent and fake. If we download them they ask for permission and without understanding we just allow them and that becomes a problem because they can use our data without us knowing. Some Time ago GOI banned several Chinese apps because of security issues.

Fraud Sms and Emails –

Many of us get fraud emails or SMS regarding fake schemes, lotteries, and many others on a daily basis and a few of our fellow people click the links or share personal details and get cheated. And there are many other cyber frauds happening around us.

Ways to improve Cyber Security to avoid cyber attacks

  • Lock Your Devices or Accounts with strong passwords and keep changing them at certain times to avoid any problems. Do not use passwords like 12345, your name, or your birthdate in it. Use the combination of numbers, unique signs, uppercase, and lowercase letters.
  • Do not share your personal information with anyone.
  • Use Firewall Security on your pc to avoid any kind of bugs, cookies, malware, or ransomware from the Internet.
  • Do not use untrusted WiFi or networks because they can hack the details of your device.
  • Always use websites with “HTTPS” the ‘S’ stands for security means HTTPS websites are security proof.
  • Do not do any money transactions or important work on the other untrusted network.
  • Update your antivirus software regularly which helps to avoid any kind of viruses and malware.
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication to secure your accounts.
  • Use data encryption and it will secure your data.
  • Don’t click any untrusted link it will harmful to your data.
  • Don’t search for risky or wrong things on the Internet.
  • Scan any files, media, or any type of data before storing it on your device.
  • Always take a backup of your data to ensure you do not lose your data.
  • Always be aware of cyber security by educating yourself, just read our article to know the importance of cyber security awareness.
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Benefits of Cyber Security

  • It will protect your personal or private data or information from hacking because personal data is the most valuable part of the Digital Era.
  • It will protect your device from any kind of viruses, ransomware, and spyware.
  • It helps to protect your business without any interruptions your employees can use the Internet without any fear.
  • You can work as fast as possible because some bugs or viruses may slow down your devices and will block them to create any problems for your devices.
  • It provides a clear and secure Workspace where you can do any type of work without any issue.
  • It will protect your past, present, and future and you should be aware of it and aware of others as well.

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