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Automation Causes Unemployment Crisis


Automation Causes Unemployment Crisis

As the digital era is growing day by day in the World. We are seeing the unexceptional things happening around us. AI is changing the world into an automatic mode, we have automatic devices, applications, and software that can do any human work by themselves. In the future, we’ll have self-driving cars as well and many things which we can’t imagine now.

Automation has many benefits but also there are some serious problems in it that are taking the job away from many people because it doesn’t require manpower, and only requires a few people to operate or control. So only those who know technology or are trained with it will get the jobs while the rest will face the unemployment issues which is not good for the growth of the world.

Robots are taking our jobs and automation of jobs is creating a jobs crisis in the world. Automation is leading to unemployment, what governments and businesses are doing to solve the problem, and what you can do to prepare for this trend. There are several problems created as technology is growing.

As the population grows, so does the number of jobs. In the past, the number of jobs has always been capable of growing to meet this demand. However, when machines are able to perform their tasks with even better quality and at a much faster speed, the number of jobs that are created can’t grow fast enough to meet the rising demand. Which will lead to a crisis in the people for jobs which can affect people’s lives.

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We’ll see which jobs can disappear after 10-15 years.

1) The Cashier will be replaced by Self Checkouts

We have seen many groceries, and shopping stores have self-checkouts, in the future, it will be completely adopted by maximum people and human labor will not be necessary for this job. The only thing is to change, we will need more security to keep an eye on the customer.

2)The Truck Driver is replaced by the Self Driving Truck –

Artificial Intelligence will soon be advanced enough to replace truck drivers. The main issues will be solving an ethical problem like the trolley dilemma ( Would you kill 4 people to save one or kill one to save 4 people). Basically, most monotonous jobs will be no more within a couple of decades. Disruption is natural and can’t be avoided.

3)Warehouse workers will be replaced by robots –

In countries like China, huge amounts of warehouses don’t require average employees. The robots can transport the goods from a to b, drive their charging station whenever they run out of batteries, and a replacement until they jump in to fill the hole fully automated.

4)Cab Drivers will be replaced by autonomous cars –

Cab drivers already have to fight with Ola and Uber but in the long term, they will be hit with the same problem as the truck drivers – self-driving cars. Once this innovation is ready, millions of jobs will be affected. Companies like Tesla and Hyundai are already in the race for launching their self-driving cars into the market.

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5)Travel Agents will be replaced by Website Bookings

If we are being honest, do you remember when was the last time you visited your local travel for a trip booking? This business is already dead! The only people who still book their vacation at their local travel agency are your grandparents or older ones who don’t know how to use them. 


As Artificial Intelligence and other technology are growing, we know they are for us to make our problems easy. But they create unemployment because only the people who are aware of the technology or are trained and educated will get their jobs, but those who are hard-skilled laborers will have to face the problems to get their jobs. So we’ll need a strong solution for that because we can’t leave our other people who are as important as the others.

Also, we can’t fully depend upon the technology as it also has its disadvantages itself, it can be software issues, hardware problems, or any other defects. So we need human labor as well.

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