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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet of Things


The Internet of Things, also known colloquially as a source, is primarily a collection of thousands of millions of physical devices. It is believed that IoT is the best medium for exchanging any existing data over a particular network, which does not require human activities.
Internet of Things originated in 1999 and came into existence around 2014, but the truth is that IoT is now surprising us with its exploits.
So today we will know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet of Things, which is a big name in the field of business, IT companies, and education.


1. New Dimension of IoT Computing:-

The way IoT is progressing due to its data sharing, it would not be wrong to say that the Internet of Things will touch a new dimension of computing, and now Microsoft has also predicted that IoT Surely Microsoft’s fourth industrial revolution is about to happen.

2. On-Site Line Management:-

IoT also provides the facility of On-Site Line Management, in which the main task which you have to do by standing in a long line in a public place, very easy to get through internet from specified points.
There are many companies providing IoT device management in India that provide the facility of remote management and setup.

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3. Adapted to the new standards:-

Internet of Things is designed to adapt to the new standards and this is its main advantage because in this busy life it is difficult to manage and handle all the latest updates a person but very easy to manage through IoT.

4. Sense Full IoT:-

Today’s IoT devices are not only fast in management but their intellectual development is many times ahead of the human brain. It is capable of exchanging data itself, modifying them further, storing information from different locations, and checking the correctness of the information.

5. Automated:-

With the help of the Internet of Things, all the tasks on that particular network are managed in such a way that they can handle all the activities automatically, which also saves time.

6. Security and Safety:-

Internet of Things concept is used not only for management, file transfer, and storage but we can also use it for our security, through this we can use security alarms Can control multiple devices, such as CCTV, Home Lock


1. Power failure:-

When we talk about the internet, the question arises of its connectivity, which is mostly dependent on electricity, and as soon as there is an interruption during the power supply, some parts of the IoT device stop working.

2. Problem of Cyberbullying:-

It is generally seen that when the user uses the Internet for a long time, which we know is managed by the Internet of Things. During that, there are some trollers, stalkers, and hackers. Which violates the privacy of the user and this is the main problem of IoT.

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3. Increase in unemployment: –

The more we connect things to the Internet, and do things online, the more we will lack work for ourselves because as soon as everything starts working on the Internet, the human utility will start decreasing and If human utility is less then employment will also decrease.

For example, earlier we used to go to the employers of the bank to withdraw money from the bank, but now with the advent of ATMs, the bank does not need the employee who used to do the work of withdrawing money.

4. Difficult to manage:-

IoT provides a framework for managing data but the world of technology is so big and vast, managing it is itself a challenging task for IoT because every day new changes are taking place in the world of technology.

5. Lack of Experience:-

When there is any kind of attack on the network or any kind of threat is heavy on its security, it is very difficult for the experts of the source to solve them because the Internet of Things has just arrived. existed in 2014, so it’s new to everyone.

6. Lack of Clarity:-

There are some major points where IOT does not provide specifications in terms of manufacturing, in terms of safety, terms quality, etc. It is clear that there is a lack of clarity in the source.

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