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5g Network

5g Network

After 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, now 5G has arrived, which is going to bring revolution in the field of technology. The speed of 5G will be 100 times more than 4G.
Now you can download big videos in a few minutes. The advanced version of LTE is 4G and 5G. 4G gives you the signal on every side but in 5G it will not happen where the signal you want will send.
5G will significantly change the technology. Will make every job easier. If you are in the house or outside you will be able to operate many things easily.
Education, job interview a lot of such work will be easy after the arrival of 5G. You can operate things by simply giving commands from your mobile wherever you are.
Time is very important in 5G, it will be used in the medical field where doctors can easily access their data to another place and it will also be used during operation and the self-driving car will also depend on it So time is very important.
4G is the same as 5G but 5G will be used in self-driving cars, the internet of things, and many other devices, it will also use artificial intelligence. Speed and advance are more than 5G, and 4G.

The biggest advantage of 5G is that you can connect it to your car, then you can operate the car from mobile and can also operate your TV from mobile.
If you are elsewhere and have forgotten to turn off the TV, you can turn off the TV from your mobile. Similarly, you can also operate your refrigerator, but the device you are operating should also have 5G.
Internet speed depends on your mobile because normal LTE supports 150 Mbps speed on mobile. The advanced version of LTE is LTE-A, LTE-Pro, and Volte which has higher speed than your mobile’s network hardware and Supports configuration.

Internet of things

Internet of things uses sensors but it is necessary to have network speed, which is possible on a 5G network.5G will also benefit businesses today we watch videos up to 1080p in 4G speed but due to the speed there may be a little problem, but the speed in 5G will be very fast, you can create 4k videos and live high-quality games Can also play You can easily make video calls to people, in 5G time you will use video more. You can upload high-quality videos immediately after capture.

Speed of 5G networks

The speed of 5G networks is very fast. If we download a video for example, then in 4G networks it will take 10 minutes but it is being said that in 5g the video will be downloaded in a few seconds.
When we give a command to search for anything in the browser, it is 0.050 milliseconds but in 5G it will search in 0.001 milliseconds. Artificial intelligence requires a fast network means when you need to be faster on the internet if you have to give a signal when the speed of the car or train is too fast, it is not possible in the network of 4G speed, so it is very important to have a 5G network because it is dangerous to delay, which can also cause accidents, it comes under the Internet of Things.
Now 5G networks have to be set up which is complex as compared to 4G networks. Because by upgrading 3G to increase its performance.

5G network advantages –

(1) It will make your work much easier. You can operate all the things sitting at home, but the one you are operating should have 5G.
(2) You can do live streaming, live video games, and upload everything in Minutes.
(3) Can do video calling with a clear voice.
(4) It connects very fast from one network to another.

5G network disadvantages –

(1) Due to this many species of birds are going extinct.
(2) If your data is caught by someone else, your privacy may be threatened.
(3) Internet of things is being used in it. All the things in your house will be automatic. If this data is moved to someone else, then the location can be easily traced.

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