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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Python and its Applications

5 advantages and disadvantages of python and its application


Python is a widely used and well-understood programming language, which has a large number of libraries and frameworks. Python is often used because of its simple syntax, fewer bugs, and flexibility. Python is a revolutionary and very versatile computer programming language. Many big firms like Google and NASA are using this language. Python is a cool programming language, so much so that Google uses it to build its own software. Not only is it a great language for beginners to learn, but it’s also a solid language for experts to use too.

Python is growing in the technology market mainly because of its simplicity and the wide range of applications it covers.

Let’s see its Applications :

Game Development:

With the huge rise in the popularity of mobile games, the demand for Python game development experts has increased. Python is one of the most popular programming languages for game development. Using Python as a game development language is not very common, but it is a very interesting option, especially for making smaller games with beautiful graphics.

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Software Development:

Python is used to develop desktop applications for our computers or laptops like VLC media players, Calculator, and other software like that. If you have any idea to develop software you should try it in python language.

AI and Machine Learning:

Python provides the AI and Machine Learning Tools which helps the developer to create something different from the other projects. Tenser-flow Scikit-learn is used to develop machine learning projects. Using AI and Machine Learning we can make robots with python.

Data Analysis:

To work on big data and produce some desirable results in many formats like charts, tables, and graphs we need some advanced tools and python fulfill this requirement by using the libraries like NumPy, SciPy, Seaborn, and Pandas.

Web Development and Android App Development:

We can also develop the Websites and Android Apps using Python just you need to install and import some libraries to do so. like if you want to develop Android apps you need to install Kivi in your project and if you want to develop a website then you should install Django. So finally Python is all in one Language you should learn at present. Start learning today if you want to become a part of python developer.

Now let’s see Some Advantages of Python to polish your knowledge more strongly:


If I tell you my experience every time whenever I was working on a project I was always happy because of its simplicity and efficiency. Coding is easy to read, write and execute and the best thing is that you need to write only a few lines of code as compared to another language.

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Interpreted Language:

Since it is interpreted language means you can track every line of code and execute every program line by line and if your program has any error it will show you immediately and stop executing.

Free and Open Source:

Python is open source and free means its source code is open to all you can use it modify it and release your own version and distribute it to others.

Dynamically Typed:

It is a dynamically typed language means it decides the type of variable during the execution. Before execution, it does not know which type of variable is declared.

Huge Library:

Its library is a waste. To develop any type of project you just need to import its related library and write some code it’s done, your project is finished.

We have seen many Advantages of Python but still have some disadvantages we should know: let’s see some of them:

Slow Speed:

Sometimes advantages become disadvantages, here is such a case, since it is dynamically typed means declared variables at runtime which take some extra time to execute the program. That’s why python is not used in projects when speed matters.

Memory Consumption:

It consumes more memory while executing the code. Because data type is declared dynamically which provides flexibility to programmers and developers.

Database Access:

Difficult to access the database because its database access layer is still underdeveloped. Generally not preferred for big projects.

Week In Mobile Computing:

Not providing good efficiency in mobile computing means developing the mobile application because of its slow speed and more memory consumption.

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Problems with threading:

Threading is not really good in python due to the global interpreters. It allows only one thread to execute at a time.

So finally, We can say that every programming language has its advantages and disadvantages we only need to know which language is suitable to fulfill the specific need of our project.

I hope this article will help you to get some idea about Python and its application, advantages, and disadvantages. If you still have any doubts or suggestions please mention them in the comment box. We will get back to you. Thank you…

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