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10 Most Trending Programming Languages

10 most trending programming languages

We all know what is a programming language and we already have enough knowledge about some programming languages but these are basic languages. If you want to learn some useful and trending programming language that will help you to stand out  today and help to get a job in an IT company, here we have the 10 most trending programming languages to learn in 2022, so let’s discuss each of these in detail:

1. Python:

Python is the most trending and fastest-growing, general-purpose programming language and is also preferred as a beginner-level programming language. Python is easy to read and write so we can choose this language as our first programming language. Using Python programming language we can build a Desktop application, Mobile Application, and Game Development.

Reasons for in Demand:

Python is easy to use and write code, the syntax is very simple as compared to all other languages, it is also open-source and has a big community of developers for contribution. Python is used in Machine Learning data analytics, data visualization, and Artificial Intelligence. And experts in this language are also in demand.

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2. JavaScript:

JavaScript is the second most trending object-based scripting language which is mostly used in web development. With HTML and CSS we can build beautiful, interactive, user-friendly web applications. Most websites and web applications are built with JavaScript.

Reasons for demand:

JavaScript is the most popular language used by a professional developers. It is a platform-independent language that runs on any system like macOS, windows, and android and its frameworks are very useful to build various kinds of applications.

3. Java:

Java is also a trending and oldest programming language ever. A famous quote about java we all know is “Write Once Use Anywhere” which means java is everywhere. We can develop mobile apps, websites, desktop applications, and embedded systems.

Reasons for In Demand:

Java is secure, platform-independent, and object-oriented programming language. Developers use this language to build secure applications.

4. Kotlin:

Kotlin is the official programming language of google for developing android apps. It is also trending because 60% of android apps are built using Kotlin nowadays.

Reasons for in Demand:

Kotlin is easy to learn and many developers use this language as a library of java to reduce complexity and make reliable applications.

5. Go:

Go is one of the fastest-growing open-source programming languages to learn in 2022. It is originally designed at google to manage the rapidly growing infrastructure.

Reasons for in Demand:

Golang is fast and easy to learn and used to develop lightweight microservices and also used to generate APIs that interact with the frontend application. Golang is also used in Cloud-Native Development, News Outlets, and Media Platforms.

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6. Swift:

Swift is one of the most demanded languages for ios developers. Using swift we can develop apps for Apple gadgets like watchOS, and macOS.

Reasons for in Demand:

Swift is developed by the apple company and it is open source so that if we have an idea then we can do something incredible.

7. R:

R is mostly used programming language in machine learning and big data. It has a built-in library that helps to create machine learning algorithms.

Reasons for in Demand:

it is used to represent data in statistical and graphical format. Mostly used in data analytics, financial domain, and telecom sector.

8. C:

C is a general-purpose, procedural, beginner-level programming language. It is the oldest and still highly demanded programming language. Approximately 90% of developers’ first programming language is C language.

Reasons for in Demand:

People learn this programming language because its syntax and semantics are used by many other languages. C is a standard language to learn to program. Every developer prefers you to learn this language first because after learning this language another language may become easier to learn.

9. C++:

C++ is an extended version of C. It is an Object-Oriented high-performance programming language.

Reasons for in Demand:

Using C++ we can develop video games, desktop app operating systems, and embedded systems. It has high performance and is nearest to the machine language.

10. C#:

C# is a programming language that runs on the .net framework and is developed by Microsoft to make windows applications and games.

Reasons for in Demand:

it is easy to learn and write code. It provides a graphical interface we only drag and drop the tool for designing the front and very less coding is required. Top companies like Microsoft, Accenture, and Alibaba Travels are working on C#. So mastering C# is an amazing career option that you can make in 2022.

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Hope this article will help you to get some idea about the Top 10 Most Trending Programming Languages. If you have still any dought or suggestions please mention them in the comment box. Thank you.

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